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  1. my poor old xps 430

    no difference even with the video swap idea this time around on install. i decide to comand install and went with -v cpus=1 in doing so after install it got further. it went to apple logo. then white screen then five minutes later went black been there for an hour now.. so next try. >< EUREKA i decided to NOT do a reinstall instead. i decide to start up with the same comman and it loaded right up.. so now how to i get it to load with out haveing to use that command and see my quad ><
  2. my poor old xps 430

    so if editing = bad for me. what other ideas are there. note i have switched to a gt 220 hoping it may be a ati issue.....? will update
  3. my poor old xps 430

    so lost with this machine not sure where to begin Iaktos s3v7 when i first begin i got dvd drive errors had to resort to external dvd and shut off in bios the native drives got to the install finaly chose chamelon rc4, ati,intel gigabite, chose no kernal, vodo for sound,key,mouse,power stat, achi for the main installed using option -v cpus=1 all went well said success reboot and white screen a bit of hdd activity but thats about it... beating my head on what to do. Bios is has no option for ahci so put it in raid cause that natively sets it in ahci. as well turned off the dvd drives turned off all none needed sata ports turn off fire wire for an extreme detail on my hardware you can go to dells site and look up my service tag. simpley go to dell.com then check tech support then on left side click warranty status then input my service tag then click ok then click the center tab that says sys config 6rclwh1 general specs 4gb 1066 samsung 64gb ssd wd 1tb ati 3870 hpauge tv tuner q8500 intel gigabite lan win fax mobem blue ray dvd rw dell oem key microsoft sidewinder mouse hannspree 22 lcd hooked up via hdmi SOME ONE PLEASE HELP
  4. e5400

    have an e5400. searched online, google, videos, and forums. 3 days straight now. i have got to be missing something some where... Where is there a guide to put snow on my machine. anyone please.. I have tried MANY failed attempts either resulting in kernel panics or kernel panics. intel core 2 duo intel 4500hd graphics broadcom gigabyte lan ar5b95h in the mini half wlan port intel 3945abg in the wwan port need more details let me know
  5. hp dv9000 gpu is about to die

    Listen Closely to what i am about to say. This is by no means a joke or exageration or any prank. Many have laughed at me but i have repaired hundereds of these plagued systems with gpu issus and it is DOWN RIGHT SIMPLE... takes about 45-60 minutes. and Only one part from a Junk laptop and or any desktop with a SMALL enough COPER fined heatsink that is junk. is needed Step one Pre heat oven to 375. (YES I SAID OVEN) find a Pan the size of motherboard put pan in oven with the preheat close to the front of oven for ease. step two take laptop apart. remove mobo Remove ALL stickers and all removable parts. cmos bat. ram cpu heats ect... this should only take about 10 minutes. oven should be pre heated. step three set mobo On the pan. CPU socket up and TOWARD YOU.. very important for when you remove. set timer for 30 minutes ( BE WARNED) it will not smell good. During the Wait. make yourself a shim a Copper one Prefered. the Best i found to use is one from a JUNK laptop heat sink (the fins to be Exact.) you want the shim to be about 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch just enough to cover the Die of the gpu Standard pliers will do the bending for ya.. so that is done now twitle your thumbs till the timer goes off and a side note ( DO NOT USE A PENY AS MANY SUGEST) or Aluminum gaurds or any other {censored}... I again have done this countless times.. And i have had (ONE) return ever....... can upload receipts for proof. find a oven mit or towel or folded paper towl. DING timer is done. Open oven. and as soon as you open the oven visualy locate the Gpu. and grab for it. when grabing for it do not slide around or grab soemthing wrong at these temps things can be rippd off...slide fingers between pan and mobo and place thumb on die of gpu. pull mobo to you and up ward. at same time and get it out of oven Ignore the fact oven is still on.. Pinch that gpu hard not hard enough to break the mother board though.. this will be hot even with a mit. but do it.. it will not burn you...hold for 1 minute or better note to not move around much or anything of that nature. after that.. while still warm put all stickers back on they will stay down with ease while warm. cool a bit more then assemble.... in assembly the shim comes into play. use arctic silver or what ever compond you have. put it On BOTH sides of that shim you made earlier and set it on top of the gpu. put in cpu. then put on heat sink. for those of you reading this may not know where the gpu is on a dv6000 or dv9000 when you laid in the oven cpu up and facing you its just to the left of that can't miss it. Again i must say.. this is my attempt of guidence for you from my personal experiments. till i found this NEAR perfect method... and this is EXACTLY what i do to all my customers machines and have had only ONE return best of luck Sugested for ease.. but not time conveince. Ebay. sells the shims. and while at it order a small tube of arctic silver. your waiting already for the shim so whats a few extra bucks. to save a few degrees
  6. d255e WORKING with bugs.

    So here we are again Another Wifi issue many have seen them time and time again. I however fall into a different catagory as I have taken the time to read ALL the post for netbooks Not one person has the problem (at least documented here) that I have. Instaled retail 10.6.4 Via [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] + [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url]. 3 things not working are Hard wire (care less about) Vid ( have not ventured here yet so no need for help just yet.) Wifi.(here is the topic at hand.) I inserted my Kext after not being able to find one. I pain stakingly made one fun first time experience tell you what.. Besides the point. My issue is. The system sees the wifi not a problem BUT the wifi does not see other networks I have gone to sys pref. then advanced. Tried to add the wireless manualy still network can not be seen. Set wep then typed in pass then tried scan as a video sugested. still can not see it or any for that matter... the wifi I have in this is a AR5b95-h Please note before it is sugested. The kext (IO80211Family.kext) Does not work as matter in fact it makes the wifi not seeable. again I can be doing something wrong here as well. So any and all help would be wonderfull and thanks Steven -