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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! I can't really do much, I've though of that idea, so when I tried dragging it over, it wasn't allowed to be moved. When I 'command+click' or right-click, I only have 2 options, to "open" or to "get info" I researched on this a little bit more, it seems like it's still an existing issue. I forgot to mention I'm running on the latest firmware update 7.3.2. I think I'll need further help with this one, Does "Finder > Preferences" mean "System Preferences?" Here are some more findings, a pretty active discussion found here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1106671 Some excerpts: < this posting was from Oct '07 From other sources: Again, where can this be found? Where's "General"? Any further thoughts? Thanks for your time.
  2. I'm trying to access my External Disk plugged in via Airport Extreme Base Station from the desktop, however it seems not mount on the desktop like it would when plugging an external drive in via usb or firewire. I can certainly access it through the "Shared" tab of the MenuBar in Finder, however, it should be on my desktop as it would appear like the orange icon with external drives plugged in. Essentially, the icon should look like this on the desktop: I did a little research on this topic and found an unresolved discussion: http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=6882194 A few excerpts: Thanks for your time, I hope this is not completely new to everyone as these settings changed after updates, looks like its still being reported from the above posting October 2008.
  3. deleted_account

    SAS Controllers w/ EFI for Mac OS X / OSx86 Solutions

    Great! Hope things work out as SAS can be costly, are the 500gb 15K SAS drives out yet? For the ATTO, the "H" in H308 stands for "Host-Bus Adapter," the "R" in R380 stands for "RAID." What I'm really confused about is that I seem to be able to RAID with my HBA, but it's probably all software anyway. Remember, there is an advantage of using OSx86, is that there is a BIOS, which mean the computer does detect your hardware and all the drives prior to booting Leopard, now the next step is to actually have Leopard to read those drives in RAID (the very reason why we chose only Mac compatible Controllers! which comes with the drivers for the card) My only situation right now, planning my Mac Pro setup (no more OSx86), seems liek the only bootable controller cards are the Areca (not quite sure about the one mentioned above) and the Apple Pro RAID Card as well. I think I'd rather just get the Pro (though it costs so much, i don't want to go through any workarounds anymore). Good luck everyone, let me know if there are any more questions, I'll do my best to help, stay optimistic about this topic!
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    Official Hi-Resolution Icons from Leopard Directory

    Do you, or anyone else, happen to know how I can replace my current orange External HDD icon to the Blue Wireless one? It's an .icns file. Thanks again!
  5. deleted_account

    SAS Controllers w/ EFI for Mac OS X / OSx86 Solutions

    For the Highpoint, unless it's new, I won't look into details, than there are SAS controllers out in the market now. Highpoint was explicitly SATA-only just a few months ago, glad they finally developed some Enterprise products. For the Areca, I believe their SAS controllers are bootable, since they have EFI compatabilities. I can recall only Areca and the Apple Pro RAID card were the only mentioned bootable OS X Leopard cards. Regarding the rest of the Controllers mentioned, remember, having OSx86 has an advantage of having the BIOS before the Emulation starts. If your card can be detected in the BIOS, and your computer can boot off of the RAID configuration, for all I know, OSx86 should be able to boot off the drive, with of course, the implementation of the respected card's script lines, can be managed via terminal. Since you need the bootloader in your booting drive anyway, that bootloader should work on any drive, even RAIDed drives as long as its deteced in BIOS and OS X can read it.
  6. deleted_account

    Official Hi-Resolution Icons from Leopard Directory

    Excellent Response! Thank you very much
  7. deleted_account

    SAS Controllers w/ EFI for Mac OS X / OSx86 Solutions

    Didn't reply to your PM because i guess you sent 2 that made my box full, just rather discuss here anywho. Great Job on your findings, just to let you know, that Highpoint controller does not support SAS Hard Drives, though it may use mini-SAS implementation for multiple SATA Hard Drives. (For example, 4 SATA > 1 Mini SAS Adapter, SATA just does not have that capability...) Whatever purpose is, you never mentioned what you plan on using these controllers for. My 308 is simply a Host Bus Adapater, not a RAID adapter, though I can use the Hardware RAID on my motherboard or software RAID via Disk Utility, in Leopard (which works). The RAID version of this is R380, which will cost a little more, but has more Hardware RAID capabilities, regardless, you have to make sure within your OS X, you have your Controller card detected, you'll need to add scripts to the install via terminal. I can't help you much with the LSI 1068, again, you'll need to implement LSI's fusion scripts, I'm not sure if this has yet been succesful, guess you can try Though you provided 3 options of Controllers, I can't quite help you decide since I don't know what you're trying to do, other than deciding on 3 Controllers. Provide more details, like what you plan on using them for, whats your setup you're trying to configure? Types of Hard Drives? SAS or SATA, etc...Booting? or just Backup. Good Luck
  8. Where can I find the directory of all the Hi-Resolution Leopard Icons? In particular, I'm looking for this one, the Blue, Airport (Airport Extreme): Thanks for your time, I appreciate it.
  9. deleted_account

    SAS Controllers w/ EFI for Mac OS X / OSx86 Solutions

    1) Have you tired adding the bootloader to that particular drive you want to set as primary? 2) Did you make sure your BIOS detects your LSI 1068e? IF so, you should be able to set that particular drive as the drive to boot off of, once you set that drive with the bootloader. The drive won't display the OS until you made sure there is a bootloader, not just the OS, they both come hand in hand, you'll need it.
  10. It basically Reads as this: http://img162.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture1dw8.png Everytime I restart the computer, the SATA drives switch (for example, if it was first, it'd be random, like 5th, while the others just switch around)
  11. deleted_account

    Building a MacPro

    Hope everyone is well. I haven't been on this thread in awhile, just finally caught up with the pages I've missed! I was wondering about the following: (bringing this thread back up!) 1) I'm aware the size has been mentioned before, I believe somewhere around 16" wide...Is the Mac Pro motherboard officially an E-ATX motherboard? I just want to confirm that, since I'm trying to fit it in an E-ATX Chassis. (I know the Mac Pro chassis is beautiful, it's just I want to integrate all my Hard Drives and Optical Drives together, all-in-one Chassis, not have 2 separate External Enclosures for both tasks) 2) I'm also aware I would need to have Mac Pro CPUs in order for the EFI to detect it, can someone confirm that? CPU fans with EFI? (does it matter since they're fanless heatsinks) 3) The Mac Pros' Power Supply and Fans are Proprietary. Is there a possible work-around to be able to allow PC Power Supplies through some cable converters? EFI detects certain fans, would it allow PC fans? 4) Finally, a purchased Retail Leopard OS X would detect all the software (updatable) and hardware legitimately? This one is a must. (Yes, I'm aware I'm definitely voiding Apple's warranty, but that shouldn't be the problem. Should there be a problem, I would put everything back in the case. However, I know I'm taking the risk) 5) Items I'm sure of that I don't need to worry about being detected are: Memory (RAM), Hard Drives, Optical Drives, my PCI-Express Video and Sound Card that is Apple-compatible, as well as my PCI-Express RAID card. (it's time for me to get rid of my Powermac G5 and iMac G5, haha) Essentially, I plan to purchase a Refurbished Mac Pro and basically move its components into an E-ATX Chassis that can allow 7x CD/DVD Drives (for the purpose of Media Duplication, a service I offer along with my Video Production work) as well as 8x Hard Drives (for the purpose of backups and Hosting Server for my websites), everything else would be as-if it's in a Mac Pro chassis since I will be using all of its hardware. 6) IF I don't go the Refurbished route, out of curiosity, anyone know where I can find the Mac Pro motherboard? (MAC-PRO, and ApplePalace seem to not carry that item anymore?) *If item 1) is answered "no" please disregard the rest! Look forward to hearing back from you guys! Any kind of help would be appreciated. No more OSx86 for me...spent way too much time on it, though it was succesful, it was fun while it lasted.
  12. deleted_account

    SAS Controllers w/ EFI for Mac OS X / OSx86 Solutions

    I've helped someone with reported sucessess using the (internal) LSI 1068 (the one you guys have). They had to workaround it but I'm not sure if the problems you guys are having are similar. For example, shown as orange removable vs. silver default, it has to do with your motherboards AHCI settings, likely, so that problem is not absolutely dependent on your controller. I encourage everyone to ask questions on this thread, so others can learn/gain from it, a lot of my help has been contribued via PMs. Anyway, I'm working out a guide soon, for troubleshooting, but looks like you guys have success identifying the drives, which is great leap. The fusion drivers should work fine, make sure you're using the right kext, i dont' see any problem with that, it's more of either a hardware or software end of not getting RAIDs to work how you want them to.
  13. deleted_account

    Using an EFI motherboard for a Hackintosh project

    That is the motherboard I've read about, contacted MSI, they say it is release only selected Vendors chose to carry the product, but as of now, I believe they stopped production? It's hard understanding their english. But I hope this project continues. But what really comes down to is the Emulated EFI vs genuine EFI performance, you know the differences? danielmramos, care to shoot an e-mail to them? (bump)
  14. deleted_account

    SAS Controllers w/ EFI for Mac OS X / OSx86 Solutions

    word. Let me know if you have any questions trying to get Disk Utility to see your SAS drives. Also, I'm sure the shipping cost from Hong Kong compensated for the wait time