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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support [Mav]

    Yes! Took the test with flying colours just to post this:- I bought 2x new Samsung EVO 840 120GB sata3 and tried to use it on 1201n but the sata keeps on failing. AHCI/IDE keeps on dropping from time to time. I did some reading and found out that (maybe) the MCP79 sata2 does not treat sata3 drives very well. I even put in a sata3 Corsair LS 120GB without success. However the sata2 wd blue, sata2 wd black, hitachi sata2 all works fine, no drops at all. I also have a K70iO with a MCP79 chipset too, same problem. TimeWalker75a, when you said you have a ssd in the previous posts, is it a sata2? Just to answer my curiosity. Thanks. p/s: have 2x 1201n, wedding gift for each other (traveled to UK, shop 70miles north of London). living in Malaysia (above Singapore). happy to know they're getting plenty of love.