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  1. Has anybody successfully created a Sandy Bridge G850 Hackintosh? I want to do a budget 400$ build with an LGA 1155 Gigabyte board and a G850 Sandy Bridge Processor. It seems as if it should run Snow leopard, but I am not sure about Lion. Thanks for any help.
  2. Lion Pentium 4 Install

    Nope, not at all. I have an LGA 775 socket, so a C2D is just around the corner. I have 10.6.8, which does just about anything Lion can do minus a couple of new features. Snow Leopard Performance is ok, but my specs aren't great. I have a slow drive and 1gb ram, but it runs ok, and is useable. Overall, I couldn't get Lion to work. Something is up with the installer that checks to see what processor I have. The C2D fix didn't work because it recognized it as a Core Solo, which didn't help. I would say just stick with SL, it is your best bet.
  3. Lion Pentium 4 Install

    Thanks so much! I edited an existing plist, and it worked. The only catch is that it recognizes it as a Core Solo. So, I am going to try a modded OSInstall.mpkg with Lion. Thanks for the help!
  4. Lion Pentium 4 Install

    It still says "OS X Lion cannot be installed on this computer". It did fix the processor thing "Your need a C2d...... or above to install lion". Any suggestions?
  5. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    Amazing! Can you install this using a separate partition to boot from, instead of a USB Drive?
  6. Lion Pentium 4 Install

    Thanks! I will try it in a little bit, and post what the outcome is.
  7. HD 6770 Lion Support?

    Hey, I am building a Hackintosh and am having a very hard time trying to buy a graphics card that will be fully supported up to 130$. I found this 6770 card and was very pleased by the specs and most of all, the price. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814161387 If anybody who seriously knows what they are doing graphics wise, please help. I am not a noob, but am no extreme pro. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Austin
  8. Lion Pentium 4 Install

    So, do you think that I should get a developer preview version of lion?
  9. Gforce 450 GTS Lion Support

    Is the EVGA GForce 450 supported with Lion? Thanks!
  10. Lion Pentium 4 Install

    Hey fellow Hackintoshers! Last night I attempted to install Lion, and I had everything ready (Xmove, extra partition, and a usb rollback Kext just incase). So, I started up the installer after the 10.6.6 update I applied, and everything was going well until it told me to quit because I didn't have a C2D or higher processor. So, has anybody gotten around this? I understand compeletely why it wouldn't work, but if there is a hack of some sort, that would be cool. Specs: P4 2.8ghz (Overclocked 3ghz) Prescott 1GB DDR2 Intel X1300 Graphics MSI G31TM P21 Motherboard Thanks! BTW: I am currently working on a new Hackintosh so that I will have the Capability of running Lion. Another thing, Has anybody gotten the Gforce 450 card to work with the nvidia drivers? Not too sure about Lion compatibility because I don't have Lion at the moment installed on any of my PC's.
  11. Intel 915 Quartz Extreme

    I need help enabling quartz extreme with intel 915 graphics. I have fully working kexts, but can't enable quartz extreme via OSX86 Utility. Specs: 10.5.6 iPC OSX86 Intel 915 Chipset Intel 915 Graphics P4 3.06ghz Please Help!