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  1. ...and it's what I ended up doing. Running iATKOS (warning! It looks like using the wireless driver on the ToH is a nightmare) and now I have: 1. Working Video (well, in safe mode, but 1280x800) 2. Working keyboard (with patched driver) 3. Working wireless (yay again!) Remaining: 1. Non-working sound card 2. Non-working sleep mode (I would really like this one working) 3. Non-working shutdown/reset (stays on)
  2. Recent abrasive-ness

    On one of my message boards, which happens to be a support board, I have included in the skin itself, in bold red letters: "Read the FAQ" with a link to the FAQ topic. When posting a new topic, people are greeted with another banner that states that their questions will only be answered if not already addressed in the FAQ. Actually in the FAQ topic itself they are invited to start their new topic with "I read the FAQ"; this will help expedite their issue. I am not claiming that it's any kind of silver bullet; just something I do.
  3. osx86 (iATKOS) vs Vista - geekbench results

    OK, stupid question: how on earth do I submit my results to their web site?
  4. osx86 (iATKOS) vs Vista - geekbench results

    Ah. I will run Geekbench on my son's macbook then; it's fun the compete!
  5. Thanks! As you can see below, no joy for me (it's my wife's laptop). Dec 29 20:03:18 maritxus-acpi sudo[140]: maritxu : TTY=ttys000; PWD=/System/Library/Extensions; USER=root; COMMAND=/sbin/kextload RTL8187Bt.kext Dec 29 20:03:19 maritxus-acpi kernel[0]: Bulk-In, Bulk-Out, Interface: family specific matching fails Dec 29 20:03:19 maritxus-acpi kernel[0]: Matching service count = 1 Dec 29 20:03:19 maritxus-acpi kernel[0]: RtlUsbFamily::probe(IOUSBInterface) Dec 29 20:03:19 maritxus-acpi kernel[0]: RtlUsbFamily::start(IOUSBInterface) <1> Dec 29 20:03:22 maritxus-acpi kernel[0]: RtlUsbFamily: Ethernet address 00:16:44:68:cb:ae Dec 29 20:03:24 maritxus-acpi /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Frameworks/ATS.framework/Support/ATSServer[141]: (-3230) Cannot use ATS Persistent Store - switching to old FODB cache code Dec 29 20:03:25 maritxus-acpi Realtek WLAN Client Utility[70]: *** -[NSKeyedUnarchiver initForReadingWithData:]: data is NULL Dec 29 20:03:25 maritxus-acpi com.apple.SystemStarter[16]: 2007-12-29 20:03:25.215 Realtek WLAN Client Utility[70:10b] *** -[NSKeyedUnarchiver initForReadingWithData:]: data is NULL
  6. Thanks Rootnik for pointing me to this topic. Of course I am having problems more or less similar to what you were having before upgrading to Leopard, I imagine. Would anyone be kind enough to edit RTL8187.kext/Contents/Info.plist and in the 8187B personality, add: <key>IOKitDebug</key> <integer>65535</integer> You would add these two lines under: <key>idVendor</key> <integer>3034</integer> Then do: sudo kextunload RTL8187B.kext sudo kextload RTL8187B.kext Then post here the content of /var/log/system.log starting with this line (from the end): [various cruft, including datetime, hostname] sudo[xxx] [username] TTY=ttys000; PWD=/System/Library/Extensions ; USER=root; COMMAND=/sbin/kextload RTL8187b.kext Thanks, -C.
  7. VMWare fusion build 41385

    Nope. Still no dice
  8. Hi, I'm new here, but since I've already learnt a lot by reading these forums, I woud like to return the favour. Oh, it's a very very basic trick but in case anyone doesn't already know it... Basically I installed one of the packages that supposedly handle my ATI9600 card (note that I managed to shoot myself in the foot in the process since I am now getting a black screen when I boot up...wrong refresh rate I assume). Actually I tried installing it, because the package installation kept failing with a message like "Please try installing again". install.log told me that the post-intallation script had failed. How do we fix this? Here is the very dumb trick: Make sure that your post-intallation script can be executed! chmod a+x yourpackage.pkg/Content/Resources/postinstall Cheers, -Chris.