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  1. This is probably the best site to get the drivers: http://www.macvidcards.com/which-driver-should-i-install-for-my-new-gpu.html
  2. Testing a Z87X-UD5H + i7 4770k + GTX 770 4GB + Clover here! The stated above by dhb62 (post #2) works, but: A) If you set the "Initial Display Output" in UEFI (under peripherals) as "IGP": OK (both IGP and GPU monitors working like a charm) B ) "Initial Display Output" as "PCIslot X", no screens connected to the motherboard connectors: OK (IGP still working for processing, i.e Luxmark) C) Initial Display Output" as "PCIslot X", one screen connected to the motherboard connectors: KO. Lots of graphical artifacts appearing in the secondary monitor (making it unusable), attached to the IGP. Some minor artifacts (over the menus) on the primary monitor (GPU). Apparently, it seems as if it is only possible to use the IGP and GPU simultaneously if the IGP is the primary graphics card. Does anyone know if this is normal behavior in these cases?
  3. After installing your KEXT, run the touch command on /System/Library/Extensions. Then, if the release is 10.5 or newer, there's nothing more to do. All KEXT caches except for the prelinked kernel are updated automatically after a short delay; the prelinked kernel is updated after the next restart. The differences are that: (1) the touch command returns immediately, rather than when the cache is done rebuilding; (2) the standard output and standard error of kextcache go into the system log instead of the terminal; (3) the exit status of touch doesn't reflect whether the rebuild was successful. http://developer.app...uid/DTS10002355 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279023-should-i-update-the-kext-caches-how-do-i-do-this/
  4. Ed_Saxman

    Sleep Disabler

    Opps, cuanto tiempo sin pasar por aqui. Miliuco, he repasado el código. Puede que ese error se diera la primera vez que se ejecutaba, si. Prueba ahora con la 1.1 que he subido.
  5. Sweet!. Mine looks like this: Perhaps there is no difference after all... got same SH1 hash: e5dd2bf5560033cade7dd7d7da5ceec49f701b0e
  6. #10, #11 Be aware that GM versions are usually unable to get system updates.
  7. Ed_Saxman

    10.8 Puma

    No eres el único con P-State Stepper Errors, surfcaster. He probado también con FakeSMC 3.1, y IntelCPUmonitor 1.0, y pasa lo mismo.
  8. Ed_Saxman

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Now I have come across an issue with 10.8: sometimes does not recognize my other two internal hard drives, apart from which it is installed. (not unmounted, simply do not appear anywhere) They all have GUID partition table, and the same file system. Anyone else with this problem?
  9. Ed_Saxman

    How to Install Mountain Lion on MacPro1,1

    Great news for all those MacPro users worried at the prospect of not being able to use their dual-Xeons with mountain lion!!! (In the Apple forums had people who were really angry.) good job!
  10. Ed_Saxman

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Triple boot here with r1822. No issues. (10.8, 10.7.3, win7) Be sure you don´t have redundant /Extra folders on different partitions. Only one is needed to get rid of them.
  11. Ed_Saxman

    10.8 Puma

    Hola Derty! Sobre la red, vi que el IONetworkingFamily.kext de 10.8 es la versión 3.0, frente a la 2.0 que lleva Lion, pero se puede insertar en la carpeta plugins del kext 3.0 el AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext, y funciona perfectamente. En general va muy bien la DP de Mountain Lion, excepto alguna ventana con textos descuadrados, o un bug que he comprobado que se produce al rotar un monitor (en mi caso utilizo un monitor secundario rotado 270º, pero al hacerlo, se quedan las dos pantallas en azul, y hay que reiniciar. Esto no pasa en Lion, por descontado) Pinta bien la cosa sobre el soporte a nuevas gráficas. de momento se habla de... - Soporte nativo de las AMD 6950 y 6970 - Soporte nativo para las Nvidia serie 500 - Indicios de soporte a las AMD series 7700, 7800 y 7900 !!!! Llegado el momento me plantearía sustituir la GTX260 por una AMD 7870, si resultan compatibles (y si el bolsillo lo permite). Pero ya solo por todo este nuevo soporte hardware merecerá la pena pagar lo que cueste Mountain Lion.
  12. Ed_Saxman

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Working like a charm! Thank you!
  13. It works!! Thank you! Update:
  14. Tested, but always freezes with just the number "6" and a blinking underscore. Slice wrote: "About 1% of my users have the same problem. I don't know what is mean so my proposition is to wait for a new version." As can be read here: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2304&st=40