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  1. HP EnVy SleekBook 4t mountain lion

    the flag isn't USBBugFix=Yes, it is USBBusFix=Yes. other than that, does your ultrabook have Intel Rapid Cache technology enabled and does it have a small SSD cache drive.
  2. OSX Mountain Lion on HP Pavilion DV6

    Tried it, didnt work. So far the best method with the HD5650 on ML is framebuffer. Chimera allowed injection and QE/CI only in 32-bit mode under Lion, seeing as ML does not support 32-bit mode, its useless.
  3. Watercooled G5 Mod

    You got my vote This is definitely one of the best G5 mods i have seen, certainly the cleanest in terms of mounting the mobo tray and PSU.
  4. Hello everyone, i have just finished installing Mountain Lion GM onto my old laptop, works great, i have the system booting stably and nicely. a few hitches, i cannot find a working 64-bit GMA X3100 framebuffer driver for resolution, i am aware of a few from 10.6.2 but they led to some issues on my hardware. can anyone point me to a potential solution, all I am after is resolution, i am well aware that there will be no openGL (QE/CI) but it will have to do thanks in advance -Lachlan
  5. OSX Mountain Lion on HP Pavilion DV6

    Mountain Lion is on, works great!
  6. OSX Mountain Lion on HP Pavilion DV6

    You might be interested in my latest work, im trying to get Mountain Lion (10.8.x) on my laptop, this should help you due to native support for the 2nd and 3rd gen Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. more to come shortly
  7. OSX Mountain Lion on HP Pavilion DV6

    My model of DV6 (3132-TX) does not have USB 3.0, however, in Lion 10.7.3+ there is a BETA driver available.
  8. OSX Mountain Lion on HP Pavilion DV6

    my hardware uses the first generation i7 (720QM), i cant lend any assistance relating to the newer gens of intel Core i processors as i have not yet had a chance to use one. if anyone wants to send me a core 13, 15 or 17 2xxx/3xxx laptop to get lion working, feel free xD my web address should be in the sig
  9. OSX Mountain Lion on HP Pavilion DV6

    To anyone interested in this post, I would love to help, and if you have a laptop with similar hardware to mine (i7 720QM, 4-8gb of ram,) and a pretty good knowledge of computer systems and BIOS settings, message me for help Sorry, the Core i5 is a fickle processor in mobile terms for hackintosh, Thats why i payed the extra for a core i7 Pavilion in the first place. Sure thing, message me and ill write up some instructions for you, the 3032 is indeed a similar laptop, so it should work great same as above, core i5, sorry
  10. OSX Mountain Lion on HP Pavilion DV6

    The HP Pavilion DV6, A suitable Macbook Pro? This is my photo demonstration of <edit>10.8! Mountain Lion DP3/GM i don't know which</edit> working on an HP Pavilion DV6-3132TX. This is means as an example of what can be achieved with Hackboot and a retail copy of Lion + the Mountian Lion DP3 app. If anyone else is interested in attempting to replicate this, send me a message and i will give you as much help as I can. I use this as the main OS on the machine, It runs stable and quiet and, In my opinion, better than windows. I also think that the style of the laptop rather compliments the OS, they match, and I think that this laptop makes an ideal alternative to the Macbook Pro. How I did it: I installed iAtkos L2 downloaded the developer preview from apple using my developer account installed it downloaded and installed Chameleon 2.1RC SVN and installed it used a post install tool that shal not be named to install userDSDT and NullCPUPowerManagement rolled back the AppleHDA kext used a driver form google for resolution using the screen ID What Works: Display Resolution (QE/CI is coming soon) Sound (Intel HDA) Wi-Fi A/B/G/N Bluetooth Ethernet all USB ports all 4 cores, no hyper threading Webcam (Using manycam) What doesn't work: Fingerprint Scanner HP Mediasmart Buttons (Not a real issue, you just can open the non-existant software with the buttons) 3+ finger multitouch (2 finger scrolling works fine) Photos: Sorry about the quality, my Galaxy SII isn't the best camera **7.jpg** INSTALL (Dev Preview) http://ldmmedia.tk/i...installed/1.jpg POST INSTALL System Information and Activity Monitor http://ldmmedia.tk/i...installed/2.jpg http://ldmmedia.tk/i...installed/3.jpg http://ldmmedia.tk/i...installed/4.jpg POST INSTALL apps (iMessage and notes) http://ldmmedia.tk/i...installed/5.jpg http://ldmmedia.tk/i...installed/6.jpg http://ldmmedia.tk/i...installed/7.jpg POST INSTALL FEATURES (Notification Centre etc) http://ldmmedia.tk/i...installed/8.jpg http://ldmmedia.tk/i...installed/9.jpg Have a look and let me know if you need anything. Lachlan McCahon
  11. Can Lion 10.7.X SERVER be installed on a dual CPU (Intel Xeon E5) DELL PowerEdge? This is the question i would like some help with. I have purchased a DELL poweredge server to replace an IBM Blade system as my household media and file server. I would like to install and use Lion Server to gain 100% compatability with the computers in my house (Mostly Apple Macs, partly Hackintosh Builds). Can anyone give me some advide on the workability of this or any tips or previous experience with making a haXServe (xD bad name i know). This is the system I have purchased. PowerEdge T410 Server Dual XEON E5 processors 32GB of unbuffered DDR3-1666 6 x WD Green 2TB HDDs Dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet Can anyone give me some advice on this?
  12. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    @marcussebe as for the kexts, ive been fiddling with kexts(dot)com and they have an atheros kext that got one of my AR5007s working on Lion (10.7.3) you could try searching their repository. Also, Peach-OS, might i enquire as to why you are still using snow leopard? I am running 10.7.3 on my TM6292 with everything working, i have full QE/CI, wireless (Using a broadcom card out of an old Dell) sound, Usb and ethernet. The camera even works natively in Lion! the install is a pain in the a*** using iAtkos but its worth it.
  13. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    Yes, I am using iAtkos L2M (iAtkos for Macs ) you can find the OS here: http://iatkos.me (their official site) the macbooks can be found by searching "macbook core2 duo 2006" in ebay :D just one issue. i turned on 10.6.7 today and for no reason my trackpad (this is on my acer btw) is no longer functioning at all, i have the same problem with the sound and ethernet. not sure if they are all linked. also, in system profiler, my graphics card is showing as an "apple macbook display module (INTELX3100) MB3,2" just small problems, i can do without sound as my logitech G110 has a sound card built in that works great and i mainly use this as a mac mini sort of thing anyway... **EDIT** i have just turned on my laptop to check some emails and the trackpad works again, and sound, still no ethernet. and to anyone interested, installing Lion (10.7.2 using iAtkos L2) only works if you have a spare laptop that can boot the install disc. our mobos lack something (im not sure what yet) that means we cant boot the disc. if you do happen to have another computer that can run and install the OS, do so in a manner that would suit your acer (i.e. x3100 drivers, voodooHDA 1.5, voodooPS2 as well as using the ethernet, webcam and DSDT from here as they all work great. When you put the HDD back in your acer you must clear the kext cache using -f and booting verbose wont hurt either. what doesn't work: Graphics only work in 32 bit mode, not sure why at this stage. you must add arch=i386 to kernel flags in c.a.b.plist in /L/P/SC also keep a copy of you /extra directory. using the Lion app from the app store and xMove works only if you have an empireEFI boot disc, making one takes all of 3 minutes. that or if you are using chimera. follow the steps mentioned above to install. just use your laptop instead also, you MUST perform a clean install, updates dont work due to some kexts or something. i shall be posting install tutorials on my youtube page (eventually ) it is HERE: http://youtube.com/lachlandmccahon Happy General Purpose Holiday! (Hanukkah, Christmas (for those of you who are still christian.....) and Everyone else, i am terrible at remembering holidays....must be an english thing...)
  14. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    Hi Everyone, sorry for the crappy delay. I went and bought a 2nd gen MacBook - Intel Core2 Duo T7500, 2gb of ram, etc... it is very similar to our 6292's, if anyone is interested, there are still like 30 left on ebay for <$50. I have been using it to dump various components and get information but i am so far stumped as to how to implement my software dumps of the smbios and UEFI. I am so far able to boot iAtkos L2 (available at iatkos.me) and get as far as the install screen. i have used lion on the macbook to remove parts of the dvd that i didnt need and insert some of the kexts given at the start of this post. It boots and installs fine but on first boot i get stuck on the error, not really and error but a damn annoyance PCIConfiguration END [PCI=something and CARDBUS=something] replace something with 22 and 6 I think. Anyway, there are good XMOVE tuts available at tonymacosx86.net for @marcussebeso just follow one of them. i used RBOOT LE for the first boot and then kexts from kexts.com for everything else. you can get res in 32 bit mode only. sound works with the same kexts given in this post, no ethernet, no camera, no wifi (i swapped out a broadcom wireless G card for this) dvd-rw drive works and the two usb ports on the right work. for no apparent reason the one on the left gives some random kernel panic if you try to use it, not sure what is happening with it. enjoy http://lachlandmccahon.tk
  15. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    As for your webcam solution, tis the same as mine just with a different program. I dropped in some broadcom card i found in a laptop in a dumpster about an hour ago =D it works great! so my laptop now works 100% =D=D thanks for all your help.