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  1. I had the same problem time to time. I had getting a problem on boot for msdos.kext failed to load. I think this problem is related with this kext not being loaded. try boot options kext-dev-mode=0. then see if this kext loaded or not.
  2. where can I find that new nvidiaenabler ?
  3. I also installed lion on GA ep45-ds3R q6600, but I had no luck with 9800 GT and 7300 gt. Both stuck at 1024 x 768 and no qe/ci. Also strangely when I install Nvenabler I can see the desktop in 1900 x 1200 full res, but it repeatly log off and log on. Then I removed nv enabler, and re edited my DSDT for Graphics, same thinks happening as there is with NVenabler. Help please
  4. I have 9800 GT dev id 0x0614 but I could not use it Q/E Q/C enabled on SL 10a380 any idea ?
  5. Thank you very much, indeed this was this simple yet best os X install for me so far. Boot times improved drastically around 10 - 15 sec from start, on the other hand ı just could not do 100 % retail install, I had some problem with legacy ich10 kexts from netkas, and apple HDA with enabler kexts, they did not worked when I install them in the EFI partitions, but when i install them into system / library /extension wolder they worked. Please comment. anyway, still this is the best install for me, thanks for good work. Best regards,
  6. ErEr

    My new build

    How will you install apple IR board to your hackintosh, can you give me detail, if you can do it it is very good to know
  7. I did not have atiinject:kext insatlled; so I have screen artifacts, had to install one more time., could some one guide me with the correctatiinject file, and please tell me if I need to change anything on it. Best regards,
  8. I have same M/B Q6600 & ATİ 256mB X1600, But I did install before with some problems, 1. Sata DVD to which port, sata HD to which port 2. How to set up Bios settings ( Now I keep getting com.apple.boot.plist not found error ) 3. My previous install never started withoud DVD in the drive ( how to fix boot ) 3. after I solve this, I must solve sound and QE/ci somehow 4. if sleeps ok,ı would like to try
  9. ErEr

    Help me installing Leopard please.

    play with Bios sata setting f your motherboard , try AHCI in Bios, also sellect compatible mode if exist, also try other sata channel than Jmicron. that should solve your problem. Best regards,
  10. ErEr

    ati radeon x1600 enabler

    please I need a guide to enable x1600 in new leopard, I could not do , if you have any know how please share with me. Best regards,
  11. ErEr

    Leopard a581 p35

    Hi all, I have installed leopard into GA-p35ds3R motherboard, I do have ati radeon x1600 installed. first I must tell you that installation went well, I booted into leopard with the DVD in the drive. What I could not do is as below ; 1. Alc889a ; not yet fixed. 2. atiradeon x1600 ; qe/ci enable not yet fixed , after I remove kext, with the ones from 10.4.10 tiger , system did not boot correctly. I guess I could not do chown, chmod " repair permissions correctly" 3 without DVD in the drive it will not boot. no boot section on the hd if anybody have time to help me out, this will be basic requirements for others so thanks in advance, best regards,
  12. ErEr

    /com.apple.Boot.plist not found !

    Because your mac partition is not correct, you all are having this error. I had problem with this with my 945 ICH7 gigabyte board, I tried all different SATA set up for my HD and sata DVD. did not work, Finaly I tried to reformat HD, with "HFS journalled and case sensitive", then I saw small allocation prior to my partition via disk utility, than I deleted this section and reformat whole drive HFS + journalled. Than the error changed to B0 error, which many of us know how to make partition active, and I was able to do clean install.
  13. com boot plist not found error, is just related with correct partitionning, make sure after you partition disk there is no special section on HD to have 200k data. if you re format to utilise whole disk the error will be lost, after that you may have b0 error, which is related making disk aktive using Fdisk.
  14. ErEr

    Apple TV on Hackintosh

    I had downloaded crimson mk apple tv.dmg, I only coppied frame works from them, allso finder.app, then I replaced the finder binary with the patched one. result was running application with no control, then I searched forums for emulating IR remote, I have found Bholland keyboardemu file. But the keyboard control was not so good, so I thought there might be some problem with my keyboard, so I bought original apple blootooth keyboard use it with a cheap dongle. this solved my problem. But as I told, the appletv did not show up in Itunes. After I searched I found that it is related with I tunes and authorization. Since the itunes store is not servicing here, I could nt succeeded, I only be able to get som files from my HD, and trailer , and I tunes song through internet thats all, I could not be able to sync files from my laptop to hackintosh. That is where I did quit.
  15. ErEr

    Apple TV on Hackintosh

    Finally I have installed front row, on my hackintosh PC 10.4.8 with frameworks and backrow.app, I see start up screen, screen saver, all menu also can quit. I control it with keyboard emu, but to do this I had to replace my previous keyboard with the apple wireless KB. Now what ı have is media folder is in my second hard disk. apple tv downloads trailers from internet. but ı cant get any content from my account. ı cont see apple tv from the same computer's Itunes, I cant authorize , because apple store is not available here. so how to sync all files from / users / me / movies / photos / music ? any help ?