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  1. OSX on Netbooks (eee, mini note, acer one, etc.)

    @Unaclocker Stop advertising your f*cking Mini9. It maybe a good and easy Hackintosh, but it looks...not so fortunate. The eye wants to be pleased too, even on a Hackintosh. Dell=Hell
  2. Hi folks, I'm sorry in case this was asked before, but I did'nt find it. Can I run my native OSX-Partition in an emulation (say VMware) under Bootcamp ? Hardware is a real Mac, so EFI and stuff is there. I don't like do reboot every time I want to play a DirectX game, so I thought I could run osx inside Windows. Most of the time I work with osx, so all my files, apps are on the osx-side, but I use 3D-acceleration rather seldom on osx. I don't want to add a lot of patches to my osx install. Is this possible ? Cheers, Max
  3. Aldi Medion Akoya Mini E1210 als Hackingtosh

    Gibts nicht noch Audio-Probleme mit dem Akoya ? Kopfhoereruchse soll nicht gehen. Und die Kamera soll angbelich Skype zum Absturz bringen. Oder oder ist das behoben ? Ich fange mal an im Englischen zu suchen. Gruss, mac
  4. SPIELE am Hack Mac

    Starcraft Orginal und Starcraft Broodwar -----Version: OSX (PPC) edit: wurde ja schon genannt Unreal Tournament (Orginal) --------- OSX-BetaRelease 3 (PPC) Quake3 ohne Soundfehler von IOQUAKE (PPC+x86) Call of Duty ------- 1.5 (PPC) Medal of Honor --- 2.11 (PPC)