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  1. This might be the problem i get from time to time, ive read post that suggest its to do with USB if you remove the kext for USB im told it doesnt do this.(but thats not helpful on the DVD you got is it) I get around it by rebooting and trying again generally if try about 10 times it should work eventually sorry its a rubbish responce but it does get past that eventually....... as soon as its hung you might as well turn off then it WILL NOT contiunue hope that helps a little ....
  2. Thought Id post my Acer Aspire 5920G info, I used the Leo 4 All install, choosing any of the following works Stock kernal 9.2.0 works, Stock kernal 9.2.2 works, Netkas 9.2.0 works, with STOCK ACPI, any version, work ( if you dont tick one with Leo 4 all DVD you will get 1.1.0 (i think), and if you choose power management, you'll even get battery icon(will only work with that early version of ACPI) Keyboard works, Mouse works, (if keyboards stops try booting with -f switch.) if you wont sound choose Azailla audio (this will give speaker output only) you can do the Linux injext method and Apple HDA patcher version 1.7 put the internal speaker will not work, only headphones, but the line in's will become active.. with that method (ive a Codec dump if needed) ALC888 The Graphics works Fully. nothing wrong at all (using NVInstallerV.41 app) Ive changed the WLAN module, (as intel are poo ) for a dell 1390, but this didnt work until i installed the following PCCard.10.5.2.Beta2.pkg. (beta 3 dont work causes kernal panic) Also with this installed and the following AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext(with the Right ID put in, I can supply the kext!) you can get the internal LAN to work, BUT any hugh amount of IO on the card and then your system will Crash.. But its a start (also no MAC address, adding manually cause crash, well hang) If i can help anyone with my findings, or anyone can help me, that would be great.. Im most interested in getting proper LAN support, The Suyin(acer Crystal eye cam) works in ichat but not in setup or anything else ive found. The CardReader Doesnt work, Firewire is dicovered but i cant confirm it works, DL-DVD writer works, with toast, USB appears to work Fine, some appear as High speed. The one problem you may have when installing most versions of OSX with this laptop(ive tried Lea4All, IAtkos2.0i kalyway 10.5.1 all work) but it seems to hand on booting from time to time, when booting from DVD Id always recommend pressing F8 and typing -v cpus=1 for install. if the screen stops just after 3/4 screen of text then its not going to boot, (i think the line around their mentions the Firewire port) I find, that once OSX is installed setting the time out to 10 second in the startup is enough to make the machine boot 90% of the time) sorry if ive rambled on this any comments are welcome, if i can explain anything better for you ask me, :-) Im planning on a tutorial very soon if still needed...
  3. Hi Am getting a Iphone next week, and am on Vodafone in the UK, Ill be getting a sealed UK unit, if i can find one, So Ill have to Activate And jaibreak it, i know, and obvious it will be locked to O2, so i need a hardware solution. But has anybody brought one of the Next Sim III They appear to be like bladox turbo sims, has anyone used one? and got it working? I know thier cheaper but the point is do they work, i dont mind cuting my sim card its not a issue.. Looking forward to getting the Iphone...
  4. New to all this, but have managed (after 3 days) to get my old Dell L C840 to install 10.4.8, However its got a Nvidia card( the root of my 3 days it seems ) So ive been trying to get hold of the lastest macvidia drivers.. Thier website seems to have issues when registering... I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to provide another link or just mail me the small file ... Many Thank Walkers