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  1. Hello, Insane people of this InsanelyMac forum, I have a strange issue. Both my girlfriend and business partner are Mac users and have recently (within the last year or so) purchased new Mac laptops. Their previous laptops were both MacBook Pros model A1150. Both of them left these A1150s sitting around for a few months, since they weren't as useful to them as before. Finally, when the time came to turn on these computers, BOTH refuse to turn on. When you hit the power button, the light near the trackpad turns on, the CD drive makes its little noises and the HDD is definitely spinning, but is not being accessed (as in, you can hear it whirring but not the sound it typically makes during a boot sequence). Both have, very rarely, shown the gray screen where the giant power logo is displayed along with the message saying the computer needs to be turned off. When the machine is shut off, it fails to get back to that screen again. My business partner attempted to reset the NVRAM on his (Command-Option-P-R at Boot) and both computers have had their SMCs reset. I don't want to speculate, but it doesn't seem like a hardware issue, unless these boards are created specifically to die when not in constant use. I hope someone out there can help me, as it would be a shame to watch these two machines collect dust! I'm very good at system recovery (windows / linux) but don't have an incredible amount of skills in the Mac department... even though OSX is built on BSD! Thanks in advance!