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  1. After upgrading to VMware Workstation 14 (with unlocker 2.1.0), I was able to upgrade my macOS 10.12 VM to 10.13 without any issue. (It failed before with Workstation 12, getting hung up with a boot failure after the upgrade.) I also upgraded the VM "hardware level" to Workstation 14 before the macOS upgrade, not sure if that actually matters.
  2. Same issue here. I am wondering if Workstation 14 is needed. (High Sierra is not officially supported on VMware Fusion until version 10, which corresponds with Workstation 14.) It may have to do with the switch to APFS, and the VMware EFI firmware cannot read that type of drive? Totally guessing here. I haven't tried Workstation 14, I'm waiting until the unlocker is properly released. (I actually did try it with the current code on Github and the VMware Authorization Service would not start after the patch was applied, apparently that is a known issue.)
  3. Sort of related... I tried installing the new guest tools from Fusion 10 (on VMware Player 12). Afterwards, my guest macOS VM was stuck in high-DPI mode so everything was really huge. Has anyone else tried the new VMware Tools yet?
  4. Works with Workstation 10. Wish they'd stop with the yearly upgrades, it's a bit expensive. :-P (Prior to version 8 they would offer a paid upgrade more like every two years, with a free "minor upgrade" in between...)
  5. Unlocker version 1.1.0 tested working on VMware Workstation 9.0.1 (and OS X 10.8.2).
  6. OS X isn't what I use Workstation for most of the time so I'll just wait for the changes in the tech preview to make it to the stable channel. :-)
  7. I used unlocker 1.1.0 to unlock the new VMware Workstation 8.0.4 and it is working fine. My version of OS X is still 10.7.3. I'm going to try to upgrade to 10.7.4 again and see if the new Workstation release includes the fix. I will update this post in a bit with the results. [Edit] It seems that 10.7.4 still does not boot (or I am not patient enough to let it finish). Sticking with 10.7.3 for now.
  8. Thanks for confirming the issue. I haven't had any trouble running 10.7.3 in VMware Workstation (8.0.2/8.0.3). I restored from my backup before the upgrade and I guess I'm going to sit on 10.7.3 until an updated version of Workstation is released and unlockable.
  9. Tried installing the OS X 10.7.4 update today and my VM wouldn't boot up anymore. Has anyone else tried it yet?
  10. VMware Workstation 8.0.2 is out now. Going to update and try the unlocker shortly... [Edit] Ran the unlocker version 1.02 --- unlocked and booting OS X with no issues on VMware Workstation 8.0.2 for Windows.
  11. Hi, wanted to throw out some feedback. I referred to these directions to migrate a Windows system from BIOS to UEFI (including converting the disk from MBR to GPT using gdisk): https://gitorious.or...64_BIOS_to_UEFI The system I was messing with is a Windows 8 Developer Preview install. The process went fine, pretty much like this: Switch system from BIOS to UEFI. Boot an Ubuntu LiveCD, install gdisk, and run the MBR->GPT conversion. Use GParted to shrink the system partition and add the EFI system partition. Boot the Windows DVD and use the recovery options to get to a command prompt and run bcdboot. Use the recovery options to tell it to "check for startup problems". After this it rebooted automatically and Windows started up fine. One more note... this was all done in VMware Workstation 8. VMware won't boot Windows 7 via UEFI but it seems to work fine with the Windows 8 dev preview. Just wanted to add this post because I'm not sure if anyone has tried it with Windows 8 yet, and that it works in VMware is interesting as well.
  12. Actually... it does! Fixed my issue. Thanks so much!