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  1. Hi Guys My lan card has died so i decided to purchase a PCI lan card... i was able to get it up and running in Chameleon by using EFI studio and copying the HEX into <key>Device-properties</key> <string>PLACING THE HEX CODE HERE FROM EFI STUDIO</string>.. this worked for chameleon.. is there anyway that i can using the Device-Properties command and place the hex code again bellow it in clover? is it the same command that for the config.plist? I'm lost.. hope you guys can help...
  2. Hi Guys My lan card has died so i decided to purchase a PCI lan card... i was able to get it up and running in Chameleon by using EFI studio and copying the HEX into <key>Device-properties</key> PLACING THE HEX CODE BELOW THAT...
  3. Hi guys i already have everything up and running except the USB 3 ports... i have tried using Rehabmans genericusbxhci.kext and placed in in the System/library/extensions folder and on the kext folder i have in the EFI partition for clover... however, the ports would only detect devices i plug in them (2 usb 3 ports right beside the ethernet port)... in order for me to get a drive recognised, i would have to plug the drive before the computer boots... really weird... is there a way i can get all the usb ports (3.0) working on this board?? i have xhci set to Auto.. i tried Enabled also... to no avail. it won't read hard drives or Usbs unless plugged before bootup... ASMedia® ASM1042 controller and Intel USB 3.0 chipsets..
  4. Let me try this solution on a Logitech webcam.
  5. Hi guys i have a c525 logitech camera. i have a problem answering phone calls from my hack.. for some reason the mic is placed on mute when calling or answering regular phone calls (using handoff feature of yosemite).. FaceTime calls work though... is there a way to fix this? - Hope you guys can help
  6. Thank you so much for the instructions! Can you post a link to the Gt 640 drivers? I'm using the one BNZfive posted... are there more up to date drivers than this? also, how can i tell if QE/CI are working?
  7. SOLVED THE PROBLEM. after doing a lot of research. turns out that the clover boot loader really has this bug for certain motherboards.. boot using LEGACY, not the UEFI version of clover and the problems are gone. i have everything up and running except Imessage. will have to call apple with a customer code, however my UUIDs, rom and MLBs are constant. will work and update on the weekend! - you will still have to inject the nvidia kexts though from DP1 if you have a gt 640 to get monitors running after boot screen.
  8. I have the same problem as you. We're you able to fix the your computer shut down because of a problem box at startup? If so how were you able to fix it?
  9. Hi guys I have been struggling with this problem for a number of days now. I have a sandy bridge 2500k CPU , sabertooth z77 board and a gt 640 vid card.. Everything is working already except Imessage.. However I keep having the "you shut down your computer because of a problem" box popping up on every boot.. I am using clover , I have the fix shutdown box ticked and the elliotforce and evoreboot kexts installed already... Problem still persists.. Any help would be appreciated..
  10. Tried installing your kexts however when I have the inject nvdia ticks, the monitor would still look like it's sleeping.. What do you have ticked in clover configurator? If I don't have the inject nvdia box ticked in clover configurator, I have shutdown issues..
  11. Hi I have the exact same problem with the gt 640. Would you mind posting the procedure? And I link to the exact nvidia web driver? Am I supposed to boot with the inject nvidia ticked at the clover configurator? Or just the default? Do I tick inject nvdia and boot with nv_disable=1? Install the driver and still boot with inject nvdia ticked ? Sorry I'm not that familiar with clover yet Hope you can help Thanks
  12. Hi can anyone help with instructions on how to use a 5v-3.3v converter? I will be using the logic level converter from sparkfun since its the only device that's available here in the Philippines. Will this work? Which wires on the USB header do I use for power? Here is the link to the device https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8745
  13. ► PowerMac G5 case mod ◄

    Regarding the schematics, since you did not use firewire? did you need to ground the power button?
  14. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    hi sent you a PM as well! thanks
  15. Ati Radeon HD 5650 on Lion 10.7 with CI/QE

    Ok... i tried waiting for the blue screen, and it takes around 8-10min for my login box to appear.. anyway i can fix this??