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    Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip

    Same here. Also, can't have two programs with the same name in the Utilities folder... how are you guys doing this?
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    [GUIDE] OS X Lion on a ThinkPad W520

    Please post recent successes/failures, trials, and solutions. With regards to the W520... 1. If you order with RAID, can you disable it as use it as JBOD? Or use an ODD, or even the Ultra-Bay Battery? And does OS X recognize the Ultra-Bay battery? 2. Does anyone have a screenshot of the BIOS? 3. Is there a difference in the power mgmt or MB between the i7-2720QM and i7-2920XM or a BIOS lockout? Are there any foreseeable reasons that would disallow user upgrading the processor from the cheapest? Are all variations of CPU in the W520 fully supported under OS X? 4. Is the 3000m video card completely incompatible with a 15.6in screen? Or is the power demand too high? And would Lion/SL recognize the 3000m? Of those of you who HAVE succeeded at installing Lion, what degree of stability have you found? Are you able to use Disk Utility to make a COPY of the OS X setup on to a SECOND hard drive, and have OS X successfully boot from the second hard drive? Or, must the sequential setup be replicated each time the OS needs to be reinstalled? Thank you all for your time...