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  1. Trying to get a valid serial number generated but I've been through about 30 different numbers and none of them are showing any errors, is this typical? Serial numbers are 11 digits long?
  2. [SUCCESS] 10.10.3 on GA-EP45-DSEL

    Where abouts did you find the dsdt? I have a GA-P35-DS3R board with Q6600 and not having much luck, either beachball at grey screen before installn starts or nothing is copied over :-/ so its nice to see sucess with a similar board though I'm currently on Lion with this board with no issues. I have 8800GT in but a 460GTX ready to go in as well when I can have any length of time to get into the PC. Any other tips or help pointers?
  3. I have been trying to get this to work on my hack (Q6600/800GT/GaP35DS3/8GB) and it the install boots from an internal HD ok as long as I don't do the boot without caches. However looking in the logs I'm nt sure it is installing as there is nothing in the drive where i asked it install apart from a few log files. One of those I noticed has 0GB in packages? Is this right? and then it seems to terminate abruptly (it goes for a reboot not a k panic) Can anyone shed anylight on why this is happening?
  4. At the moment, I have a Q6600 / 8800GT / GA - P35-DS3 - 8GB. I followed the installer usb guide but put that on a HD instead to make the loading quicker but this would not boot from this HD. If I put in my current Lion installation on which I inadvertently put on Clover (Still boots thankfully) and use this to boot the installation HD it goes through quite a lot on verbose booting but gets to GUI and this is where it hangs. Hopefully you can see the errors it throws with XPC bootstrap (pic below) The clover settings are with no modifications from standard. The only kext is the fakesmc in 10.10 directory. I did do the installation again from the usb as per guide and it appeared to go through all the installation (domne in 10mins?!) but then showed a verification error at the end and just went to the background screen with cursor but no windows, after a reboot the drive where I had selected for installation had nothing there?! (edit: see post in usb installer section)
  5. Did you get any solution with this as I'm in the same situation, I think.
  6. Lion on Dell Poweredge

    Might be getting my hands on one of these and I was wondering if anyone had successfully got Lion running on a Poweredge??
  7. Had to connect my HP1315 printer directly to my macbook as my pc is non functional atm (no power). Now I cannot get it to find the drivers for it. When I plug it in it says it will find the drivers directly from Apple, goes through looking for them then comes up with "Not Available, contact manufacturer". Now having a look at the HP website seems to suggest that the drivers should be picked up automatically from Software Update but this is not the case. I have had a look around and found HP Drivers 2.7 for download which looks like it should have the drivers but after I install these and then plug the printer in it still looks for drivers on-line? Am I missing something here? I could really do with it up and running asap!! I know it works under 10.6 (& 10.7) but for some reason it isn't doing so now
  8. Great guide BTW, I used the Lion version of this and it installed perfectly, the ML appeared to work perfectly as well; however..... Following the guide it all installs fine though after about 20secs I get a KP with the error being CPU1 has no HPET assigned. Now I've looked back through the thread and I can not see anyone else having these problems. I am letting the script create the DSDT so it is 'unmodified', the bios has hpet set to 64bit and ahci etc. so I'm not sure what I am missing here? (GA-P35-DS3R, Q6660, 8800GT, 60GB Vertex)
  9. Consol Errors After Wake Up

    I'm getting the same errors and its seems to cause a big problem whenever I plug my Windows HD in, it causes finder to stop responding. Disconnecting the HD and it works fine - wierd.
  10. Sorry, guilty as charged. Twas past midnight when I'd finished my installation on Lion and I was thinking about it whilst I was at work so I didn't really look very hard. Thanks anyway
  11. Just installed via this method last night on a spare HD and it all seemed to go smoothly eventually. I thought I'd be helpful and use the DSDT from my exisitng SL installation; it booted and went through reading all the files OK but when it got to the point where it goes to GUI I get a black screen; if I take my DSDT out and let it build its own then its fine, everything seems to work OK (network, sound, graphics (dual monitor)) So far so good, just two queries about start-up:- 1 - on boot it shows the screen to select the start-up disk but there is no timer for this - can one be put in? 2 - I get all the text/Darwin screen on boot (verbose mode) so how can I turn this off? Apart from that all is good - thanks for a brilliant how to. GA-P35-DS3R, Q6600, 8800GT, 8GB
  12. Which guide did you follow as I have a very similar set up and used DSDT for setting up SL (which works almost flawlessly)
  13. Well. as an update and to be informative I found the problem. After numerous attempts to install a fresh copy of OSX, all of which failed due to "failure to verify Essentials.pkg' I found that this was indicative of a RAM problem. So I removed all but one stick of RAM (2GB) and..... voila it works with no KP's; put one more stick (4GB) and it's working so far. I have some media work I need to do so I'm not trying anymore till its done and then I'll find out which stick is duff and replace it. Anyway, thankfully it all looks OK and no need for any reinstallation - just to show as an OS its proving very reliable, more so than the hardware !!
  14. Ok, so I've been away from this forums for a while in terms of posting, just browsing for news really - I suppose this is a testament to how well osx works. However I've now got a problem and I'm getting a little rusty. First things first, my system Q6600 8GB ram GA-P35-DS3R 8800GT various drives boots via Chameleon (v2 iirc; its been nearly 2 yrs!) Recently my hack inst has started doing kernel panics during normal use for no apparent reason. Now a disk check shows BSD errors and that the keys are out of sequence. Doing a repair from the installation disk shows it can not be repaired and suggested an archive and reinstall. Now I managed to boot into SL long enough to run a SuperDuper clone onto another phtysical disk which checks out fine with no errors. Now I thought I would be able to boot off the clone though when I do it goes through the normal boot sequence fine but when the GUI comes up with a blue screen it gets no further, it just sticks there. Now what I was hoping to do was to boot into my clone to format and clone back my original installation. So one question is what is happening at the blue screen? Am i missing a setting or something? Also wrt my original installation - what happened there? How did it get like that! All help appreciated as I'm getting withdrawl symptoms and also I have 800 photos and 7hrs of video footage from a show that I need to process
  15. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    I have a working network connection with my onboard NIC (RTL8111/8168B on GB-P35-DSR3) and all is fine excpet I can't change the MTU to aqny higher than 1500 - which is a bit rubbish when I'm trying to use a gigabit network. (same as fuzzylollipops post 702) Scan reading the thread and moreover the last few pages it seems that the best bet for me might be to try the mod kext in SnowR1000.zip Has anyone else had problems only with the MTU and this has solved it?