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  1. GeForce GTS 250 black screen

    My video card is dual DVI and yes I have tried both. Same result. Also it's not a faulty monitor becuase I have tried multiple. Even my master bedroom TV (40" Samsung LCD) connected with DVI to HDMI and same result. I have not tried booting into safe mode yet, but will try that tonight. Thanks for all the input
  2. GeForce GTS 250 black screen

    no luck
  3. GeForce GTS 250 black screen

    I have not, but do you think that could be possibility? I mean my most recent troubleshooting I flash the bios, re-did all typical BIOS settings and had a HDD that was blank and still got a black screen even before I finished the BIOS settings
  4. GeForce GTS 250 black screen

    So my initial thought was that the black screen was due to updating to 10.6.8. I have tried everything I could find on the internet for tricks to fix this black screen. I finally said forget it let me try installing a fresh 10.6 (with a fresh HDD) and just follow a guide. So I installed a new 1TB blank HDD. I went into the BIOS to set the normal settings (AHCI...yada) and before I could even finish there was screen went black. Which right there it cannot be from the result of updating to 10.6.8 (o yeah before trying the new HDD, I removed the CMOS battery to erase all settings to start fresh). So this leads me to believe I had a hardware problem. Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be or how to troubleshoot this. I thank you in advance
  5. an update...I tried everything on that link you posted and nothing worked. So I had a spare 1TB HDD so I thought i would start over and see what happens. So I removed the CMOS battery, set all the appropriate BIOS settings and before I could even do all that the screen went black. Looks like it may be hardware related, but not the Video card since I've already tried another one. Any thoughts on what piece of hardware it could be?? Thanks in advance
  6. Thank you I will try tonight when I get home
  7. Hello all, I recently booted up my system and 10-15 seconds later the screen went blank. My 1st thought was damn my monitor just died. After hooking the box up to a TV, it did the same thing. After full boot to desktop, 10 seconds later screen shuts off. Maybe it's the video card. nope, replaced that with a new one (not positive which one at the moment, can't log into ebay while at work) but it was on the list as working OOB on the wiki with 10.6. Nonetheless it did the same thing, after full bootup, desktop in front of me, the screen goes blank. Now the machine is still running because I am able to ftp to it from a MacBook with no issues. Now once the screen goes blank, I am able to unplug the monitor and plug it back in and the screen will come on for another 10 seconds and go blank again here is a youtube video I made to show the screen going blank http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcX4us_qZz0&feature=c4-overview&list=UUCHTINW64gy70tkQzcdAMlg Has anyone run into this before? Thoughts/ideas? Thank you for any help you can provide Matt
  8. Introduce yourself

    Hello everyone, I am new to InsanelyMac. My name is Matt and I live in New Jersey. I've been using OS X on PC hardware since July of 2010. I have a Gigabye EX58-UD5 with an i7-930 and am currently trying to resolve an issue I'm having where my screen will go totally black after about 10 seconds upon boot up. The system still runs because I can ftp into it from another device and still access everything. When I unplug my monitor and then plug it back in the picture comes back, and then goes black again 10 seconds later. I have uploaded a video to youtube for everyone to see. If anyone has any thoughts as to why this is happening, and/or how to fix it please help. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcX4us_qZz0&feature=c4-overview&list=UUCHTINW64gy70tkQzcdAMlg