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  1. [Info] Retail OS X Mountain Lion 10.8

    Ciao, Fabio. 1. Do you plan to make a new installation guide of ML on P5Q Deluxe. Your previous guide was very helpful and useful for me, especially DSDT. 2. You and me have the latest available bios on our P5Q Deluxe, but I find some differences in DSDT. You have in Operation region 0xCFF7E064 Name (SMBS, 0x0400) Name (CPUC, 0x04) OperationRegion (BIOS, SystemMemory, 0xCFF7E064, 0xFF) Field (BIOS, ByteAcc, NoLock, Preserve) { SS1, 1, SS2, 1, SS3, 1, But I have that - 0x7FF7E064 Name (SMBS, 0x0400) Name (CPUC, 0x04) OperationRegion (BIOS, SystemMemory, 0x7FF7E064, 0xFF) Field (BIOS, ByteAcc, NoLock, Preserve) { SS1, 1, SS2, 1, SS3, 1, Why?
  2. Ho tradotto il tuo messaggio e sorrise. Sei Molto Attento :)
  3. Fabio, ciao. Mi scusi, io non parlo italiano. Ma ho una questione. I decompile you DSDT samle and compare with myself DSDT. (I have just same MOBO: ASUS P5Q Deluxe BIOSv:2301) And I find some differences such as: you have Device (LPCB), but a have Device (SBRG). Do you rename this device? I understand that some devices should be renamed such as IPIC, UCHx, ECHI, but I don't know about this device. Can you say what modifications you apply to your DSDT?