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  1. Chameleon slow boot problem

    I searched for gpu a lot but couldn't find a real solution. So I'm using Parallels if I need to open a 3d web site or app. I read the topic about i3 Arrandale graphics and tried it when I was on Yosemite. My desktop has same dev id with Arrandale but mine is Clarkdale (desktop) so kexts didn't work and I got kernel panics and had to reinstall OS X. Now I can boot without PCIRootUID=0 thanks for the tip. I found an old IDE HDD but I don't have a native IDE port. My mobo has 6 SATA ports. My SATA HDD is connected via SATA directly. I couldn't find PCI cards in stores near me and I don't usually buy things online. So do you think slow boot is about hdd speed? But I can't figure out why Apple screen's booting time is normal but Chameleon takes long time.
  2. Chameleon slow boot problem

    DVD Player says A valid DVD drive could not be found. I don't have a DVD or CD player Also there are only two options in Help menu. I got some screen shots from OpenGL Extensions Viewer. All of the system effects work. Ripple effect was working on Lion and ML. But some screensavers don't work. When I try to run tests in GL Viewer, I dont get any error until GL 4.0. When it tries to execute it, screen freezes but mouse still moves (like Chess). What about Parallels part? Like I said, Gmaps works without crash on Parallels. Device (PCI0) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0A03")) Name (_ADR, Zero) Name (_UID, Zero) Name (_BBN, Zero) So it should look like this right? I use IDE to SATA converter but it is not those cheap ones. I get 50-55 mbs write and 60-70 mbs write. I get same results for another disk (it is not ide, it is native Sata) but it is a bit high than the one I use for Mac.
  3. Chameleon slow boot problem

    I also have faced with CMOS reset since Mavericks but I solve this with a little patch of AppleRTC which can be done via terminal. Yes I use first gen Intel i3 CPU. I have ATi HD 4350 GPU but only way to get it working is editing the 4600 kext so system recognizes it as ATi 4600. Everything works pretty fine except Chess and satellite view of Apple and Google maps. But if I use Parallels to visit Google Maps on satellite view or street view, It works like native OS X app without GPU crash. That is weird. I use patched DSDT I guess because post-installation tool seems like patched DSDT for audio. I use iMac 14,2 as SMBIOS because it is one of the bioses which doesn't have USB port restriction. I got a system report using system profiler. If that is not enough, I can get a report from Windows too. Seems like IGPEnabler is for Integrated Graphics. Since I don't use Integrated Graphics, I guess I can delete the string but I'm afraid to delete it DSDT.aml.zip iMac Report.zip
  4. Chameleon slow boot problem

    I don't have that option. I just have quick boot option but it doesn't change anything. I use 0 because of my gpu. When I dont use this string, booting stucks at bluetoothhcicontroller bla bla bla.. this is same since lion. If I use 1, after gray Apple screen, screen turns off and there is no way to open it. npci=0x2000 is for PCI Configuration Begin problem. I tried with 3000 and this time it stucked at PCI Configuration End. IGPEnabler is about audio I guess. I simply select alc888b current from post installation tool and It works including front panel + mic out. I have to use these kexts because of problematic LGA1156 mobo. That is why I can't use clover. If I delete them, my keyboard and mouse stop working. I have wireless mouse it works without these kexts but keyboard doesnt. I also tried clover with wireless mouse but it didn't work. I removed theme to speed up booting but it didn't work.
  5. Chameleon slow boot problem

    Here you go. I only have 2 usb rollback kexts in /E/E and they must be placed there. If I install hem to S/L/E, I get boot stuck. Have you watched the video? It loads something after boot0:done because waits for a while, then drive selection comes and the long wait starts. org.chameleon.Boot.plist.zip kernel.plist.zip
  6. Chameleon slow boot problem

    I already use it.
  7. Hello guys. I used ML and Yosemite for a long time and finally decided to upgrade to El Capitan. I always had problems with clover (used with El Cap. too) and I wasn't able to boot with clover. Just once, It was on Mavericks but only used it once because my gpu and usb ports weren't working (damn 1156). So I am stucked with Chameleon. I have used it to boot SL, Lion, ML and Yosemite with no problem. I created usb stick with classic vanilla method and installed chameleon and installed it on my second hdd (gpt). Installed everything and rebooted. Everything was fine, except one thing. Booting is very slow and it isn't the grey apple screen. The problem is Chameleon's boot screen. I removed theme but it is stil so slow. I tought it may be about hdd and I installed bootloader on my Segate hdd but It was still slow (booting from usb stick is not slow btw.) I used like this for a month but I am bored because bios+chameleon stage takes 1 minutes and then there is grey apple boot screen it takes ~30 seconds. Booting video: http://sendvid.com/l52q9ltt
  8. Mouse problem

    I have GA-H55M-S2 motherboard. My mouse not working. After installing IOUSB rollback kexts my keyboard started to work but mouse is not. I tried with PS2 and itis not working too. They were working on ML I am using clover and I have to use clover because chameleon is not booting. Stucking at IOBLUETOOTH bla bla bla I think it is caused because of my gpu I tried with onboard and it gave kernel panic.
  9. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    What about BCM4323? I have Airties 2410 but I cant use it on 10.6 10.7 or 10.8 with kexts.