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  1. Well done! This is a beauty of a package. One question though...all of a sudden I'm stuck at mac framework successfully initialized... I have both cores enabled though....make a diiference on my m1330?? update: ok no matter the syntax or speedstep or duo cores off/on no change... update 2: if I remove the acpiplatform.kext and re-add it from the leo4all dvd, but don't repair my permissions I'm back in to leopard with the errors that acpi can't be loaded...is there a specific acpi.kext version i should look for?
  2. Alright so I got Leo4All instaled with NetKas 9.2 and EFI. What works: Video - 100% (QC/EI) with the gfxplist from macgirl - Thanks Dual screen: Works! Sound - 100% speakers, mic and heaphone all work. Keyboard and 2 finge scrolling - again thanks to macgirl Camera & BT -all working out of the box. Netwok: Broadcom -tweaked with tips from here. What doesn't: Card reader - no hope in sight Wifi: Intel not working so bought a DW 1500 (en route) HDMI: Not sure if this will ever work... Sleep, Reboot and Shutdown....: This is my biggest issue. To do when i do either the whole process look to be going then it jams up to a point that the screen goes black and I can still see the power button on. Oh and the aspect of rd=disk0s3 doesn't work in my boot.plist file....it just boots to vista. Any ideas from anyone?
  3. Time issues

    For now I'm using Mac's syncronize time feature to fix Mac but Vista and XP only sync when you tell it to and you can't make it a scheduled task.
  4. Time issues

    Anyone else have an issue where if tehy dual boot or tri-boot Windows and Mac their clock is off by 4 hours??? If I go into Mac the clock is right, then I go into Vista and it's 4 hours ahead....and I have to re-sync the time....Not the end of the world but a bit annoying...
  5. Laptop users with Working Clamshells

    Sony Vaio VGN-560P w/ Geforce 6400 Go w/ TC Working with MacVidia Beta 2 w/o QE/CI and LaptopDisplay is good @ 1280X800
  6. check my post on.. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry397606