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    nForce LEOPARD USB fix?

    So I have successfully installed leopard onto an ASRock n68c-s UCC (nFORCE 630a) motherboard without ANY kernel panics yet. I am using a USB to install the retail version of SL onto it but I have a problem. I need to access Disk Utility to format and partition my USB stick for installation correctly BUT everytime I boot the USB memory wont come up? I have tried the IOUSBFAMILY kext and that hasn't done anything. The strange thing is, is that my keyboard and mouse work flawlessly? Again I am on a nForce 630a mobo Thanks!
  2. TechnicalTatters

    Kernel Panic Help Please

    No it doesn't :/ Could you reccomend a distro to work with my build please?
  3. TechnicalTatters

    Kernel Panic Help Please

    My specs: AMD Athlon II x4 ASRock N68C-S UCC mobo 8gb DDR3 Hyper X RAM Samsung Spinpoint 1tb HDD I am using HAZARD Snow Leopard to install but after each install I recieve this (attatched) kernel panic. HELP PLEASE! THANKYOU!
  4. TechnicalTatters

    Hazard SNOW LEOPARD Kernel Panic?

  5. My Specs: ASRock N68C-S UCC mobo AMD Athlon II x4 @3ghz 8gb DDR3 HyperX RAM 1TB Samsung Spinpoint When I try to reboot I always get a Kernel Panic. I am currently re-installing OSX using HAZARD. Could anyone give me tips on which Kernels and Customizations to install please? Thankyou!
  6. TechnicalTatters

    Hazard SNOW LEOPARD Install Freeze?

    Rookie Error on my part here. I used the flags " -v -x" and everything boots and installs.
  7. I am new to this forum so be kind Before I begin, these are my specs: AMD Athlon II x4 ASRock N68C-S UCC mobo 8gb DDR3 Hyper X RAM Samsung Spinpoint 1tb HDD Ok so I have successfully installed Leopard on my build using iDeneb but I now want to install Snow Leopard using Hazard. This has worked before (a while ago) but I only had 1 hard drive at the time so I decided to scrap OSX and just use Windows. But now I have 2 hard drives and I want to install OSX again. The problem occurs after I have loaded Hazard with BootCD. When Hazards starts it opens a dark grey screen (no apple logo) and hangs their with the multicoloured mouse wheel loader thing spinning, I have left it for a good 10 minutes but nothing has happened? Suggestions please! Thankyou!