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  1. Sorry I was only asking what i had to post....keep calm man So if I try to attach files , I can't choose all the Extra folder from my HD, but only singular files. ok now I'll try this too.. thanks...
  2. First of all thanks for your patience. So: - I've tried to delete caches (there was two folders) in S/L/Cashes (on the usbinstaller) - I've tried to delete "PlatformSupport.plist" in S/L/CoreServices (on the usbinstaller) - Booting from USB with " -f -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000 cpus=1 " flags But I've the same problem. :glare: Sorry , what do you mean for posting my Extra folder? I have to post my Extra folder in my Macintosh HD ?
  3. I've just tried with this flags, but unfortunately I've the same problem.....
  4. OK now i'll try removing ati6000controller.kext Yes at the moment i'm using the ATI 6670. Thanks, I'll tell you if it works. I've removed the ati6000controller kext, but nothing, it reboots automatically. I've tried with "-v" flag, but i can't boot in the installer. What should i do?
  5. Thank for reply, but i'm using this method yet; the problem is that i can't load the ML Installer.... Any solutions?
  6. Hello guys. First of all see my hardware on my signature (fully supported by Lion) I follow the usb method to install ML (Bought on App Store) . So if i boot from usb with "-v" flag , it load all the kext but when i get "Starting Darwin x86_64 Boot flags: boot-ui........etc...etc..." the computer reboots automatically and i can't get into ML installer... So have you any solutions? Thanks.