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  1. Well we appreciate your efforts anyway Zenith. Could you remind us what the "high-water mark" is for OSX-version and performance/compatibility in a VMWare 8 VM?
  2. I have proven to myself that any <£500 Apple PC, even from Ebay, has laughable performance compared with OSX in a VM on a Win7 workstation with a moderately high specification. Except for QE/CI. I'd be very happy to sell my Mac Mini and donate a good proportion of the proceeds to any effort to complete the OSX-VM experience.
  3. True enough, although his intentions seem to be from the right place, for the benefit of the curious. It seems the graphics slow-down (when rebooting or re-sizing the VM) and the "see-thru hole" problem that afflicted my Chrome+Flash experience are gone. Thanks for making this possible.
  4. Thanks for the prompt. Seems Unlock-All-v101.zip does a better job than the one "Mahmood" has packaged. Onwards...
  5. Hello all, I've dabbed with "Mahmood"'s bittorrent of Lion 10.7.2 & workstation 8, using the VMW patch (but not the cracked serial!). Since updating to 8.0.1 (hoping the graphics performance/thumbnails glitch would go) I've been unable to cold-boot any of my VMs and their snapshots. Reboot yes, but just a grey Apple from "Powered Off". Is anyone having the same experience by chance? Cheers