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  1. it is now working for me. only restart pc every time when osx boot. i use -x but it does not boot circle is spin, that is i am waiting for boot. nothing.
  2. hexe

    how can i recover my system

    Thank you very much
  3. i have kalyway 10.5.1 on the acer ex4620 with efi mbr when i see the software update i tried to install update. i downloaded update and update give error %33 say something like "restart pc press and hold power button zart zurt " and i try restart but every time seam error. somebody help me. i am sorry for my poor english.
  4. i use -v -x parameter and i select different Country and fulled up. it is working good. sorry my poor english.
  5. hexe

    GMA950 Problem

    you can use cpus=1 paremeter.