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  1. Okay, with the help of the thread named above and Nick14 I've got my Leo up and running flawlessly. All is working, even better than with Tiger to be honest - the only problem that is left is QE/CI. I did some trials but so far didn't come up with anything functional. Nick14 is also actively looking into this, I really hope we can get this done after all.
  2. HP Nc6000/Nc8000 topic

    Ok, I enabled QuarzGL and it works as the system profiler states. Sill no movies with VLC though - even if I tell it to use the Quarz output... Hrm, {censored} - we really need the QE and CI stuff.
  3. HP Nc6000/Nc8000 topic

    As written above, I managed to take care of all that and I am pretty much settled in. But I am beginning to see how much I am missing the QE/CI. No movies work, no multimedia... well I think I should look into that.
  4. HP Nc6000/Nc8000 topic

    More updates. I broke the Atheros again by doing the AirPort update from the AppleSoftwareUpdate. I tried to re-install the drivers, but it doesn't help. ;( I guess I have to re-install some kexts from the install disc - I just don't know which yet. The X11 package that came with the JaS 10.5.4 was br0ken for me, kept crashing as soon as I launched it. I installed the X11 package from here and that did the trick. Yay! Getting rid of the Mouse tearing artifacts with the Radeon still works as smooth as it did on Tiger, just make use of this nifty trick. So far so good... I'll keep on working.
  5. I had that same problem you had with the hanging at exactly the same point. If your refering to an PCMCIA Cardbus Slot as your "Card Reader" then I think I have found your problem. I thought just as you did, why install the driver if I don't need it anyways? Well as it turns out without the driver my Leo took forever to boot, after I installed the driver it booted in no-time. So check it out and get the driver from here.
  6. HP Nc6000/Nc8000 topic

    Okay, let's see. Another half day of work done. I learned that it is important to install your drivers, even if you know you're not going to use the devices. I know now why my laptop kept hanging for 5 minutes at this point: configd[55]: InterfaceNamer: timed out waiting for IOKit to quiesce I needed to install the Cardbus drivers, which are linked to on the first page. I also got the Atheros to work, but I needed the old Tiger drivers for this, they can be found here. Now I'll see if I can find an X11 package and see if I can get it to work - after that I'll try and see what I can do about the QE/CI support for the ATI Mobility Radeon.
  7. HP Nc6000/Nc8000 topic

    Okay, here is a progress report. I got my Keyboard & Mouse working after installing the ApplePS2Controller, so thanks for the hint! Fixed Network is working, Wireless still troubles me. Bootup time is 5 minutes, each and every time! I don't know what it is with the bootup time, that is really annoying, what also is annoying that X11 doesn't work. I did install it, but when I try to launch it, it immediately fails. So right now my prio #1 is bootup, then #2 X11. After that I'll try to get the Atheros working. By the way - why did you install that extra audio driver? Audio works for me a-ok after the install and when I install the other package named above my system won't boot... Any Ideas about anything named above? Would be greatly appreciated...
  8. Okay, here is some progress. I can boot Leo now, but it's a pain and so far I am still down to more basic things than the graphics card. For example my system takes 5 minutes to boot up - which means working with kexts & rebooting is a pain. So I need that fixed in the first place. One thing I can tell you so far is that the kexts from my driver package still work - as already mentioned in this thread. The only thing not working is QE/CI (The OpenGL.Framework). I will try to look into that IF I ever get Leo booting at an at least half decent speed... Stay tuned. Maybe I'll switch to Leo4All after all... Oh, and I don't believe nickhe got QE/CI working...
  9. Yes, your package fried my Kalyway 10.5.4 SSE2 system beyond repair. I'll try to do a installation by hand now to maybe find out what it was that killed it...
  10. HP Nc6000/Nc8000 topic

    Well, so far I am down with way more basic things. For example - my keyboard doesn't get detected after waiting 45 minutes for it to boot... any Ideas? Yes, this is a NC6000/NW8000...
  11. HP Nc6000/Nc8000 topic

    It would be so nice if you could elaborate a bit further on how to do the installation. Which packages in which categories to check, which to uncheck. How long the install takes, how long the first boot takes. So people know they don't have to panic if it freezes or takes a long time. You could also state when something is obviously going wrong... (in case you know). I always thought the installation was one of the most complicated things to actually get right. Right now I am sitting in front of my NC6000/NC8000 waiting for it to boot for the first time. I've got a grey screen and I can see my mousepointer and move it around - but that's about it. It's been like this for a good 15 minutes, does that mean I can start worrying, or not? It would be real nice to see few more details in this thread... thanks in advance!
  12. Okay, I got my hands on a JaS.OSx86.10.5.4.Client.Server.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.iso, so I am going to try install Leopard again. Meanwhile it would be nice if nickhe could let us in how he got the card to work and supported! That would be too kind! thanks in advance! Nickhe: I found your topic here but it doesn't state either how you got qe/ci to work...
  13. It is the original Framework from the 10.4.7 OSX Release - I didn't do any changes to it. Sorry that is as much as I can help you at this point.
  14. I believe you. Today I tried the Leo4all release, didn't work - at all. The dvd booted and then crashed after 10 seconds, I am not even able to ready why. And yes your approach to disable the Ethernet-Card is a good one and I'd have done that if my Notebook would allow me to just 'disable' hardware. I can disable a few things, but I can't disable my network adapter - so that's not gonna work. I'll continue to see what I can do about that...
  15. Oh well, I tried booting the Leopard 10.5.2 Disc, but all I get is a Kernel Panic before I even reach the first installation screen. It seems to detect one of my ethernet-cards wrong and that's what brings it down. I'll see what I can do, if I can find different kernels and try to play around with the boot options. Booting in safe mode didn't help at all.