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  1. I am running 10.9.5 on a Quad Core Dell Xeon, with the nvidia 640Gt, Updated to all the mavericks fine, Just worried that it will mess it up. I still have a boot issue where I have to insert a thumb dr. just to boot, gives me that drive0 error. But it has updated without me needing to add or re-add anything in mavericks..Not sure about clover, never used it
  2. I have the optical working out of the motherboard. But I cannot get the hdmi working..anyone have some ideas..thanks
  3. I have tried niresh, aiktos, and #####, and I cannot get this model to take any mac..I even went back to 10.7.3..Its a Core2Quad intel also, which means it should take it. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Need help getting ML 10.8 to boot

    Well got it all fixed..Seems that all I had to do was simple, run multi when done, pick the dsdt for my board, and the smbios for 3.1 and alc889 non-dsdt driver and the alc889hda driver..not the rollback one or the dsdt one. Booted and boom worked...Had to trick out some of the pciroot and npci to get it all running , but after 20 reboots, it all loads 20 times in a row..Thanks.. Heres the stats I finally got running.. GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD i7 2600 16gb DDR3 20gb SSD built in to Mobo 2x500gb Hybrid Momentus Drives PowerColor 5770 1gb Video Antec 900 Case 2TB Time Capsule backup
  5. Need help getting ML 10.8 to boot

    K got it to work..Any idea what Kext I would need to get the sound working so I can get spdif out on an alc889 codec in mountain lion 10.8..I know the hdmi out of my 5770 won't work..Can't figure that one out..
  6. Need help getting ML 10.8 to boot

    Problem is, I am not using a flash drive..I used multi to install a boot loader, and no flash needed
  7. Need help getting ML 10.8 to boot

    Ok I removed it, and got 2 more screens, when it was asking for timezone it locked up there now..I did make it a little further though..
  8. Need help getting ML 10.8 to boot

    Ok used 10.7.4 to boot from and edited from it to the drive 10.8 was on..Got it booting with multi..But its locking up every time at the same point, create an account..Ideas? Thanks so far
  9. Need help getting ML 10.8 to boot

    Won't even let me boot..I tried it with the -f and nada..Stops at the same point..
  10. I was running 10.8 on this machine, changed video cards last week and boom, it crashed and never recovered. I am now trying to put 10.8 back on using the thumb drive method. It installs but when I go to boot it up it crashes, usually an smc error...I took a pic..Any help would be appreciated. This machine will take 10.7.4 which I am on now...
  11. Power Color 5770, no sound in 10.8.2

    I cannot get hdmi sound out to work on the 5770. It worked fine on the GT240, thought I would get a nicer card. Any ideas on what I need to do? Thanks..
  12. Ok did it without using CC, it was a fresh install before so I just added things again. I deleted the sleep file first, then moved my name file over to the new drive.. I installed office 2011, and ilife and have 6 gb left..Doing updates now..
  13. I can't put CC back on..It will restore the image also..
  14. well I did clone it..Just gonna be a bear reinstalling everything
  15. Its gonna bite reinstalling everything If I could find the image would just delete it..Only image in there is swapfile