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  1. I was just wondering if it would be okay to update my Hackintosh to 10.8.4 from 10.8.3. I'm running iATKOS ML3U on 10.8.3 flawlessly. Here's my specs: Acer Aspire S3-391 Ultrabook Intel Core i3 (Ivy Bridge) HD Graphics 4000 4 GB RAM ML 10.8.3 Would I need to backup any kexts before updating? Thanks.
  2. Working perfectly so far. Now all I need is wifi. I don't think my ethernet card is supported, so I've ordered a usb dongle to use for now. Now to wait until Monday..
  3. Where do these go? In Extras/Extensions or System/Library/Extensions?
  4. Do you happen to know how or where to enable my laptop battery? I don't remember seeing an option for it during installation.
  5. Thanks a lot! Disabling the intel graphics from my install disc seemed to fix it. I'm now in the desktop. I'll look into enabling my graphics now. No internet or sound though, yet.
  6. Yes. It now gets stuck on "Added 32-bit shared cache to the low-priority batch" I'd also like to add that I never had this problem with ML2. My bios is UEFI as well. I'm stumped. I don't know why it keeps giving me the "Windows is hibernated" error.
  7. I tried that. It hung up on something like "Windows is hibernated. Unable to mount read write. Run chkdsk"
  8. Hi, I was able to successfully install Mountain Lion 10.8.3 iATKOS ML3U, however it now hangs at the Apple logo screen and the spinning wheel icon also freezes after about 5 seconds. Tried multiple boot flags with no luck. My hardware specs: ----------------------- Acer Aspire S3-391 Core i3-3217U 1.80GHz 4GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 4000 Any help would be appreciated!