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  1. Asus p5g41-m lx Help !

    I believe the problem is your cpu. SL requires a core duo, core 2 duo, core solo, or one of the newer dual-core processors (e2140, e2200, etc.).
  2. Do you have the chipset drives in your /E/E folder?
  3. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    What are you using to try and install Leo? Kalyway, iPC, etc.?
  4. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    What hardware are you using? More specifically, what motherboard? Does it support ahci? Natively, SL only supports drives in ahci mode.
  5. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    Try using a stand alone partitioning program such as gparted.
  6. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    Have a look here: http://www.hackint0sh.org/f217/84309.htm
  7. Have you tried booting with cpus=1 and 32 bit mode?
  8. Problems with installing LS (eg45m-ud2h)

    I'm not an expert but have you tried a different video card? Booting with 1 cpu core?
  9. Did you try installing SL from dvd with an Empire EFI boot cd?
  10. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    Retail SL doesn't support mbr, only guid. You'll have to alter the install pkg to force a mbr installation.
  11. You need at least a core duo (e series, T series, etc.) to install SL. Since you have an older dual core cpu, you'll need to use a modified kernal and make sure you have ide drivers loadedin /Extra/Extensions folder. Try searching google.
  12. No Luck With SL

    The methods you quoted are for Leopard, not SL. SL starts at 10.6.
  13. I always recommend using TM to create a backup just in case the update porks your installation. This is what I did before each update.
  14. What hardware are you using? Sounds like the OS can't find the installation files. Are you using an sata drive?
  15. No Luck With SL

    Since you have an AMD-based pc, you'll have to use a modified installation DVD or image. What methods have you tried? I've never tried with an AMD but the more info you provide, the more likely you'll receive advice.