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  1. Vampirexx

    Clover General discussion

    Tried already with no luck. Thanx buddy
  2. Vampirexx

    Clover General discussion

    Thanx Vector grazie! I tried also formatting and restoring all by timemachine and also only formatting without restoring im still stuck with this problem so that’s why i tought it s a clover update issue. File hosts is clean so what might be? Any way to force resign app??
  3. Vampirexx

    Clover General discussion

    On 4988 version i cannot open some apps like BetterZip i got a sign error 0x1 like if the app id bad signed and cannot start it. It happens also with others. Now i got back to 4982 version but same issue. Please what happened? Am i account blocked somehow or what?? Thanx im on last mojave version
  4. Vampirexx

    Mac'os Mojave 10.14.5 is OuT

    Thank you i have the same problem on high sierra last version i hope thsi will fix it. Any news about new nvidia drivers for mojave we havent any hope to see them one day??
  5. install this version: https://images.nvidia.com/mac/pkg/387/WebDriver-387.
  6. Thanx a lot buddy and let's hope they release a web driver for Mojave.... it's time!!!
  7. Vampirexx

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.4

    Lol very useful indeed :D i mean kext workaround or injection, not "buy something else or install something else" anyway thanx.... let's hope Apple and Nvidia come to an accord
  8. Vampirexx

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.4

    There is a workaround to make it work the geforce 1060 gtx on mojave?
  9. Vampirexx

    Mojave : Nvidia web driver petition

    Firmato e speriamo bene (signed and cross fingers).
  10. Another security update and this also break nvidia web driver any fix please? EDIT: curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mcmZero/macOSBin/master/install_webdriver.sh | sh - this solution should fix the problem it seems
  11. Vampirexx

    Security issues in High Sierra

    Apple released an update right now, it is a fix for this? be aware update 2017-001 breaks nvidia drivers!
  12. Vampirexx

    Pandora's Box OS X installer

    you can update it from the app it will work even with high sierra
  13. Vampirexx

    Intel WIFI Driver

    I can test this kext if someone can develop we could make a donation
  14. Vampirexx

    Clover General discussion

    Hi Slice thanx for the amazing clover! Maybe it is well known question, but is it possible to disable discreet gpu, so we can easily install high sierra on laptop with clover? Currently it requires some tricky job to disable through DSDT file and SSDT it is quite a pain in the ass for non developer users. I hope you can make it, and thank for your hard work