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  1. Beta Universal 46xx install package

    Never mind, I buckled down and bought a GTX 260.
  2. Beta Universal 46xx install package

    Nice package. I needed EVOEnabler to function fully. Still struggling with DVI output, VGA only working so far. A very weird situation with DVI - I have dual monitors (on dual DVI outputs) - when both are connected, I get picture on ONE screen. But that picture is distorted and OSX actually thinks it´s showing picture on the opposite screen of what it´s actually doing. Example: I´m typing this on the SyncMaster 4:3 LCD, OSX insists its my Benq G2200HD with res 1920x1080. If I switch the cables around, it flips around. Calls Benq Syncmaster, and uses 1600x1200 resolution. What the fudge is going on? :/
  3. I'm having the same problem; specifying resolution worked before, but doesn't anymore! I originally had an install from the tiger-x86 image. Suddenly OSX booted into 800x600 resolution, without me making any changes. I've set the mode in Boot.plist, but it didn't work at all. I tried installing with the patched Install DVD, but same result here. So the thing is, it USED to work. But all of a sudden, it doesn't anymore... is it possible to enable/force the loading of the VESA driver? In verbose mode, I'm seeing that OSX tries to load some GeForce and NVDA* kext's, but these don't work... I then tried moving the kext's out of the Extensions directory, resulting in that it didn't try to load them, but didn't revert to VESA either. I have i GeForce4 Ti4600 detected as VESA 3.0 compatible.