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  1. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    I would also like to see a Mountain Lion guide for this laptop!
  2. Wouldnt OS X be the rich, dumb man's OS? Smart people don't have problems with Windows...
  3. We were able to build hackintoshes when Apple switched to Intel, thus making our hardware compatible with OS X. When they were purely PowerPC, this scene was a whole different story. Do you even have any sources about OS X coming to non-Apple hardware?
  4. That's odd. I ran uTorrent a lot and had nothing go wrong. Maybe one of your RAM sticks is defected? That's what happened to me on my old computer when running XP. It would crash to a blue screen of death while playing CS for a few minutes or doing anything for a while.
  5. I didn't stick with Vista due to it's performance. However, I kept Windows 7 on my laptop for a month and was extremely pleased with it. I'm going back to XP until the final release of Windows 7. I didn't once have a crash or error on Windows 7 either. Windows 7 will definitely be on my laptop when it releases
  6. iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 Released!

    How is this compared to iDeneb v1.3 for SSE2 computers? I just downloaded v1.3 yesterday and saw today v1.4 is out. Kalyway cant even get me to the installation screen. Will I be able to install v1.4 without a problem?
  7. I got the 7000 beta, and I read from other people that it's pretty stable for being a beta, so I decided to wipe out my entire hard drive and install it (I was going to put a different XP on it anyway ) So far, I like it a lot. All my drivers are installed, my fans dont run unless I'm using a couple programs at the same time like FF, iTunes, and PS4. It feels much lighter than Vista. No crashes, errors, or anything of a hassle so far. In all, much better over Vista. I will be using this as my main install when it becomes official... or even starting now if it keeps staying good to me. I uninstalled Vista after a week because it was just too much of a hog. Using a little over half of my 2GB RAM idling with all my start up programs off was too much for me. The install was faster than any other full Windows OS, and it feels just as light as my XP. I am impressed.
  8. Which card did you purchase? Does anyone know any USB dongles that will work that I can get from Newegg or Bestbuy?
  9. Apple joins Google in fighting Prop. 8

    First accepting homosexuality, then accepting pedophilia and onwards to bestiality. Why limit two couples' love just because of age? We are all animals, why am I being limited towards an another animal? We are pushing what is being acceptable. Mark my words, homosexuality is just another level to push and there will be more pushing until human nature does what it wants which is anything.
  10. I get stuck at the account creation loop, and I tried the fix when you type -s blah blah blah, and when I get to the create a password step, i type passwd, and it says passwd is not a command! What am I supposed to do?
  11. Agreed. Microsoft did not once bash Apple in their ad, unlike Apple who bashed PC basically. As for Microsoft not having confidence or whatever in their own product, have you even looked at Apple which contains Boot Camp in every Leopard install for people to run Windows? It is indeed a great feature, but no one can say Microsoft lacks confidence in their own product when Apple does something like this. I'll stay neutral with all this. I love both companies and without one, the products wouldnt be as good as they are today. Without Microsoft, Apple wouldnt have a great OS like Leopard, and without Apple, Microsoft wouldnt... uh... hopefully be working on a better OS at the moment
  12. How does that make Microsoft hypocrites? Does that make Mac users who run Windows yet bash Microsoft hypocrites too?
  13. What's so big about this? People bash Microsoft yet use Boot Camp to use Windows all the time. There's nothing special on this except for flipping who uses what.
  14. Well I dual-booted Kalyway 10.5.2 with my XP Professional, and for some reason the clock on my Windows partition would be changed whenever I would change the clock on my Leopard install (not to the same time, but to some totally different time zone), and my Leopard install lost it's sound for some reason, and that also made my Windows partition lose it's sound when I clearly had the drivers install for Windows. Can anyone tell me why this happened? Does this happen to everyone?
  15. How difficult is it to swap intel wireless 3945 with a 2200 chip? Does it require any soldering, or is it pop in and go? This is on a laptop of course.