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  1. GeForce 200 series support

    i take it that there is versa (or vesa??) support but no acceleration??
  2. i'm seraching a mac pro case!

    that thing is ugly, you don't buy a replica, you either fork out and buy a Mac Pro/G5 case and mod it or you don't thay just seem to be very rare latley which is annoying, especially when you save to buy one and then they all disapear
  3. same no probs on mine apart from losing sound, which should be easy to fix, i hope ...
  4. C-Media CMI8788 Drivers for Leopard?

    i no big bump of old thread, but has anyone got a xonar card working in osx yet ... or is it still a no go card thanks
  5. Help me build a Mac Pro

    apple release hardware is hard to anticipate, so your best bet is to wait out for snow, and then make choices then ... i personally think i7 isnt going to be much for most users, and a good intel quad will suffice, a Q9650 or Q9550 for example or a decent xeon. i personally am going to be picking up a Q6600 now that the i7's have been released. does your IT apps make use of multi cpu environments, cause if not; don't bother with skulltrail. the nvidia 8800 series cards are supported very well, there are lots of support for the 9800GTX aswell, i personally want support for the ATI hd48** cards but that might not happen for a while, but you might wanna read in the graphics forum before buying. water cooling is nice but do take into account the fact that the system does need maintenance and you will want to think twice about leaving it on when you are not in. A good air cooled system can be very quiet, just choose parts wisely and account for noise, especially the power supply, which cen be very noisy.
  6. no it runs 16x with one card and 8x with 2, of which nothing really matters cause the amount of bandwidth on a PCI-E 2.0 lane in 8x is still freaking huge. performance loss with quadfire (2x 4870X2) is properly nothing more than 10-15%
  7. The most perfect mini Hack Pro ever

    whys your q6600 so underclocked ... cause it is rated 2.4GHz not 1.86 ... or is that geekbench not reading right nice build though, makes me want on of those cases
  8. Snow Leopard Q1 2009?

    that is the only thing with apple, you take the rumours you hear and put them in a box and forget about them unitl they do release there software/hardware. The only thing you can be certain for is this, just wait for apple events and sit in the front row and wait for good things forgetting all the above though, i wouldn't mind a quad core iMac, which is also rumoured ...
  9. Help me build a Mac Pro

    why for a semi home theater, something like a matx gigabyte board (for compatability and ease of install into a G5 or mac pro case), and a 8800gt (again for compatability) with a processor of choice and amount of ram you want ... couple with a collection of hard drives to store all you want ...
  10. did ideneb go on alright?? ie everything working, minus sleep
  11. then yeh more the better, Gskill, Corsair, OCZ, GeIL, Mushkin (might be spelt wrong)
  12. yeh i seen some crazy things with the oc, like 600FSB E8600 heres a nice read http://en.hardspell.com/doc/showcont.asp?news_id=4251
  13. yeh i will have four of them and raid 5 them ..... my dad's comp has one of these http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....M%20(WD800AAJS) and runs fine and quiet, quite cheap aswell at £28
  14. 8800gt help needed

    nope i got QE/CI with mine using the nvinject on the iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 disk might be due to having both in .. have you tried with only one GT in?