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  1. Problems with bootloader

    Hey Spikeone... did you solve this? Just done a reinstall of ML and got exactly this problem! USB drive shows everything and more importantly boots in ML no problem.... the chameleon or chimera bootloaders installed on the ML drive gives a kernal panic on boot! Any help? thanks
  2. That's great guys, thanks. Will give it a whirl and report back! thanks again
  3. PROBLEM WITH A PC GTX 285 card causing lockups! I have read around and around and can't seem to find a solution. Snow Leopard install went perfectly, Kakewalk install and Multiboot install all good. 10.6.8. Booting in 64bit. Have followed all guidelines in the various websites and rest of installation seems fine. However the system seems to be hanging when I use the GFX card! The system hangs both when just playing back a simple HD Video, and when using Adobe Premiere CS5.5 and it's GPU rendering I installed an XFX 1GB GTX 285 pc card and although the install went fine (GIGABYTE GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3) and all parts of SL working fine, whenever the GFX card is 'stressed' it just hangs...within about 30-60 seconds of playing a HD video, or playback on a Adobe Pemiere timeline. So as it hangs on video playback it doesn;t seem like a CUDA driver issue. I have to reset, even the keyboard hangs. To try and troubleshoot I borrowed a friends EVGA official MAC version of the GTX 285 and tried that and premiere works fine, video plays back fine....doesn't hang etc even after 20minutes of a timeline render!! Put the PC XFX card back in and it hangs within 20seconds! Doesn't seem to be getting hot at all as happens very quickly after starting the render/playback, fans spinning fine. Same power to both cards, installed in same socket. Only difference is ones a Mac version and one a PC version! HELP! If it helps diagnosis, the PC XFX also shows link speed at only 2.5GT/s whereas the EVGA Mac one says 5GT/s so not sure what's happend there. (both link x16 lane) Can anyone offer any advice? Any ideas? Do I have to do anything special to get the PC card to work? What have I missed? It's doing my head in! Many Thanks. PS: I'm not sure if I'm hearing things but it's almost like there's an increase in fan noise JUST before it hangs.... they whoosh for a split second then it hangs... sound seems to continue to run as the video plays, but the display completely locks and computer is completely unresponsive and needs a reset..