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    i2c-hid touchscreens, trackpads and more

    Alex- I have a venue pro 7130 with I2c keyboard,trackpad,and touchscreen the keyboard works correctly in Yosemite but not in El Cap so i looked at why?? what i found may help you on your project. In yosemite as long as my slim Venue keyboard is attached the following 2 kexts load and allow it to function. AppleIntelpssI2c.kext and AppleIntelpssI2ccontroller.kext will load but in El Cap they don't load with the same setup?? I replaced the Yosemite kexts in El Cap and at least my I2c keyboard now works in El Cap. I will look further as the different in size as to what was changed but i suppose if you revue those 2 kexts you will find the info you need to further your project either modify the existing or complete yours i believe all the data is in those to kexts to communicate with I2c devices. Check them out??
  2. dish5

    Still Waiting for root device

    i have seen and solved this many times this way. M/L must be installed on HD 0,2 if you have other hd's or partitions that have a bootloader installed it will conflick. sata drive should be from sata port 1 i f possible M/L should be installed on first patition then the drive will have the ID of HD 0,2 that is what the M/L bootloaders are looking for if its hd 1,2 or something else it will stall looking only for HD 0,2 rearange your HD'S and remove any extra usb or external drives