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  1. I'm using blacklight to control the brightness. Its a hack, but it works. http://michelf.com/projects/black-light/ As for sleep, I never got that figured out. Might not be possible.
  2. Personally, I'd rather have something I can patch. I'm not sure if I really want to go through having to blow my whole installation and restoring everything.
  3. So I'm running a Sony VAIO TXN-15 and if I type really fast, sometimes the key taps won't register. Also other times, I'll type a letter and a "7" will appear instead. I originally installed 10.5.1 Kalyway, updated with both Kalyway's 10.5.2. and 10.5.3 and then updated to 10.5.4 with Apple Updates. And its been buggy since the first install. I would say that the keyboard is more of annoyance but still usable. Anyone know if I have to replace a kext or tweak a plist to fix this bug? I don't recall having these issues when I was running JaS10.4 last year at this time. Thanks!
  4. Another GMA 950 Post

    There is another thread around somewhere about the blue screen that I just read and used. Basically, its the framebuffer kext and you need to use an older one to get your display working again. Do a search.
  5. Thank god, that worked! I had a blue screen on my Sony VAIO and that fixed it. Thanks dude!
  6. works well on my sony vaio txn15 but there's no way to disable the tap to click on the trackpad.
  7. I just did the kernel update with vanilla (since I'm running a core processor) and it worked fine. I'm scared to apply the graphics update though.
  8. It updated and worked fine with my Sony VAIO TXN15 with kalyway 10.5.1 Had to reload my powermanagement.bundle but the network settings stuck. The kernel is not updated though, its still only at 9.1, my macbook pro reports a kernel of 9.2 after the real update
  9. Solution for Realtek ALC262

    so sounds work both on speakers and headphones now on leopard? or no?
  10. There is a work around I found out http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo...&vid=274223 you can adjust the backlight to dim accordingly. Not as elegant, but it works.
  11. Can you disable tap-to-click in this version? The RC1 I have running works great except when I'm typing and I accidently hit the trackpad, it makes my cursor jump to the mouse's position. Disabling it in system prefs doesn't do anything
  12. Anybody know how to disable the trackpad tap-to-click? De-selecting it from the system prefs doesn't do anything. I'm using a sony VAIO TXN15 if that's any help
  13. So I'm not bright enough to figure this out, but can anyone figure out how to take this Linux package that supposedly has access to the Sony software brightness settings and port them into something usable in the commandline in osx86 so that I my eyeballs can stop popping outta my sockets with my TXN15. I tried to ./makefile but obviously its not going to work since its coded for linux. http://www.popies.net/sonypi/index.html
  14. awesome, I'll have to try it out. Is there a way to turn off tapping via the touchpad? The option on the System Prefs doesn't do anything. And I keep accidently hitting the touchpad and my typing goes bonkers because of it FFScroll just hangs when I select it on system prefs, I wish the guy that wrote that would update it already. Yeah, I don't know if I have the expertise to get the audio drivers working. I wish there was a way to route the sound to the speakers instead of the headphones at least. Sleep on my macbook pro and powerbook has always been great so I wish I could get it working on the Vaio. Sad to see you're off on another machine already, wish there was a larger community to support certain Vaios (like the UX).
  15. Thanks to denied for providing this guide. It really gave me the confidence to try this myself. I just got a txn15 over the weekend and got most of the stuff up and running. I ended up just going to the apple store to get the airport extreme card to get wireless running and it is now recognized natively. Enabling the ethernet port was a pain. Instead of being the "built-in" ethernet, its recognized as a PCI ethernet card. I really wish the sound was better supported as all I can get is sound out of the earphones. 3 more caveats. Brightness control, the lack of it kinda sucks seeing how I'm sure I could extend the life of the battery if I had some control over the computer's brightness. Power management is next to non-existent. Wish someone smarter than me was able to enable all the laptop power saving functions to work properly. Trackpad, I'm glad there is some 2-finger scrolling functionality but it is way to sensitive and also not really configurable. e.g. I wish I could turn "tapping" off the trackpad. All in all though, I'm happy with the result. I was truly waiting for Apple to release a "macbook nano" but they're more concentrated on the iPhone at the moment and I got sick of lugging my work macbook pro back and forth since it was giving me a lot of shoulder & back pain. This should tide me over for awhile though. Any more updates, keep 'em coming! I noticed the Sony UX shares similar issues with the TX series, so the thread over at micropc has helped a lot too! http://www.micropctalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2140