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    7700Go/512 (Asus G1) Leo QE/CI?

    Hi, I gave up on this a few years ago w/ 10.4x. Now that 10.5x has been out a while, I'm hoping that someone has ever gotten this combo to work w/ QE/CI without having to flash the mobo BIOS. Searching the various forums, I see many, many "almosts", but no successes. Is it possible? Can it be done w/ Snow Leopard? Specs: Core2Duo nvidia 7700Go 512M Atheros wireless (my mod) everything else generic I'd really appreciate any & all insight on this. Thanks.
  2. ForestCat

    FX5200 Works ! 10.5.5 and 10.5.6

    Hi, Just adding a data point for the benefit of whoever. Bone-Stock Dell Dimension 4600 w/ the 5200-series card. Followed IPC 10.5.6 install exactly as here: Dell 4600 Install Tips Started w/ freshly formatted HD, uneventful, except hung on 1st & subsequent boots after install, at Apple Logo/twirling propellor. Would boot fine w/ -f, however. Reformatted & reinstalled as above, except this time, de-selected all video options for custom install. Followed the instructions in Post#11 of this thread exactly, using the 10.5.5 core link provided in that message. Thanks astro123. Seems to be working pretty well, w/ QE, other than what appears to be some type of dialog corruption, in, for example, the title bar of the System Preferences-Network dialog. Not sure how to fix that... Thanks for all the useful info to everyone who posted here.