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  1. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    My serialseeker stopped working for me today. I tried to start it as usual and it got stuck on opening database. What should I do? I tried reinstalling it, no chance. Any solutions?
  2. Intel Wireless driver

    Guys will the 2100 driver ever work? Has it reached a dead end?
  3. iPod touch and Downloading(w/o iTunes)

    iPod touch does NOT have bluetooth.. just Wi-fi hello people it's not an iPhone it's a different product that just has the same touch feature as the iPhone....
  4. The new ipod is OUT

    I was thinking that what the hell.. I'll get the iPod touch when it ships, I don't have an iPhone and till the iPhone comes to Romania Apple will launch a newer iPhone so, I can't wait. I'm going to get the 16gb model so having 6gb of music in itunes and the rest on 10gb i will leave for movies tv shows, podcasts and etc.. Thats plenty for me. I love that it has wifi so i can go online at my university and not always have to get my laptop. I think having flash memory is great for those who do sports and whan't to take it with them. Of course i would have to get something to protecte it with but that hopefuly won't be a problem. So cheers, and any opinions or advices that oyu would like to share regarding my decision please do so...
  5. The new ipod is OUT

    yeah 16gb is to little, and realy expensive i mean in my country it's gona costa like 500 so 600 dolars or more for the 16gb model. How do i change the song without getting it out of my pocket? If I don't have the click wheel? But if some one does get the ipod classic UI to go on the 5th gen ipod whats the point of me waiting that much for it to come out? I realy liked all those rumors that it's gona have click wheel in the touch screen and the model would have 80gb and 120gb. I do like wi-fi and those other stuff... I don't know i'm confused i'll just wait and see if any of the romanian apple sellers give us any information regarding the new ipods. Keep givin' me your oppinions...
  6. iPod "Classic" GUI

    they are already out. check the apple store... Yeah i like the ipod touch, but whats the point to have an ipod if you don't have a click wheel, every time i want to skip a song i have to get it out of my pocket, they should have inserted the click wheel in the touch screen. I still don't know if i should wait for the touch or get the classic.
  7. The new ipod is OUT

    Well today 5th of september Steve showed us the refreshed ipod shuffle collection, the new ipod nano, the new ipod classic, and the stunning ipod touch. I don't know what to buy, i mean... should i wait till the end of the month and buy a ipod touch 16gb model or buy the 80gb ipod classic now. I don't even have a 80gb hdd on my dell hackintosh so i don't see the use of an 80gb classic ipod plus it's hdd based so i can't really go jogging with it. But the ipod touch is flash based and has that widescreen that i love. It's exactly like an iphone without the phone, and the camera. It is bigger in size compared to the ipod classic and smaller in capacity but it's flash based so i can take it jogging without worring that it might brakedown on the inside. What are your opinions regarding these great products, and what ipod do you think I should buy?
  8. New iPod

    just a few hours to the conference i mean media event :-p.. I hope the ipod looks like the one i've seen on youtube in those fake ads. And i can't wait to buy it, the next day i'm calling my national apple distribuitor and rip his head of if he can't import it.
  9. movie editor

    man i can't find any finaledit, only finalcut. Could you give ma a link to a webpage with this kind of application?
  10. movie editor

    I need a movie editor, a small and not that performant one, to work on a NON-QE/CI computer, could oy guys help me?
  11. New iPod

    I hope it comes out soon enough. I just sold my ipod nano so i have enough money to buy the new ipod. I hope they don't make it that expensive and that it would be available worldwide or else i have to buy it from italy and not from my country ( Romania) . I hope it has a touch screen like the iphone, dont realy care that much about wireless but it would be could as long as the price tag remains close to the current one.
  12. Movie editor

    I need a movie editor kinda like imovie or final cut but it has to work on my dell d600 that doesn't have QE/CI because of that stupid ati 9000 card. Please help me.
  13. Desing suite CS3 requirements

    So your saying that windows works better with cs3 than mac? Thanks a lot.
  14. I was just wondering if the design suite cs3 needs QE/CI? And if i don't have these will i still be able to use them at better performance than windows?
  15. The upgrade went great on my dell d600. I had to fix the network but it worked. Even the security update from mac installed superbly. I have only one question. There are some kext that can be found in my main mac partition next to the application folder, next to documents, etc. Can i delete those? I mean: AppleACPIplatform.kext AppleAPIC.kext AppleSMBIOS.kext IOATAFamily.kext system.kext and the mach_kernel. If i can please tell me and wich ones? Thanks ahmad. AWSOME UPDATE...