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  1. Apple Addresses MacBookPro Issues

    ...which I would sign immediately. My MBP will make its way back to its creator. I have better things to do with my dough...
  2. Apple Addresses MacBookPro Issues

    I'd like to revise my statement about the heat: It DOES get hot. Just tried to create a disk in iDVD and man that's TOO hot for me? My keyboard is broken as well (the M key jumped out but I'll get a new keyboard soon). So the list would make a nice movie title: The w(h)ine, the heat, the key Apple: That's a no-go. Period.
  3. Apple Addresses MacBookPro Issues

    Yarrrr, aye captain! As I am typing I got my MBP sitting on my lap, connected to AC power. Well, it does get warm to slightly hot but not uncomfortable...I know you'll start laughing but I think it's rather cozy but tastes differ Nah honestly, what gets your MBPs *really* hot while on AC power or really hot in general? I'd like to reproduce the highest heat level in order to let an Apple tech check the temperature in the store around the corner. I absolutely have no idea what kind of temperature is considered normal and what isn't. As I said, my old Laptop named "Vaccy" (3 Ghz, sounds like a vacuum cleaner gets a lot hotter and is still alive and in best shape (under-the-hood-wise). Is there a tool that displays some temperatures?
  4. Apple Addresses MacBookPro Issues

    I got one of those W8612 Macbooks and it's still getting *quite* hot but it's ok imo. My old 3 Ghz Acer with a desktop cpu got a lot hotter than that. And btw, I got the cpu whine as well but it doesn't really bother me. I'm thinking about getting a replacement nevertheless :/
  5. Yes, go with the iMac. The Apple displays are incredible displays but also very expensive then. Considering the iMac is a little "beefier" than a Mac mini plus it has the Intel chip now...go with the iMac
  6. Didn't say I was looking for my credit card Let's play "raise a mortgage"
  7. Err, update. DrJaegermeister: Starting at €2099 in Germany, seems like they've updated. *looks for credit card*
  8. Sad, VERY sad. IF they said €1.999 my credit card would glow right now. But €2.599?!? WTF? I could almost get another notebook for €600. You're right, I'm a sissy
  9. Hahaha, what a JOKE! Apple store Germany: "...MacBook starting at 2599 €..." STARTING? That's ~$3100. How much for the 1.83 Ghz model then? ~$3900? I'll cry myself to sleep now
  10. Finally, More Rumors.

    Wouldn't expect that to happen. They would just {censored} off customers for updating iPods too fast, especially those that got/bought one for Christmas. So? My guess is they'll announce the first Intel Macs for ________ (insert month) 2006. I have a hard time believing that Mactels could be ready for shipment his month...but I believe in miracles EDIT: If THIS turns out to be true, then...yes sir, I do believe in miracles. I smell PowerBook announcements...if this is true, that is...
  11. Merry Christmas!

    Merry XMas from Germany as well
  12. Me neither. But the last laugh is on Steve
  13. Yeah, I'll probably wait until mid-February or somewhat, my birthday taking place on Jan 27th, teehee. We'll see. What do you think about current Powerbooks' obsolescence? I could after all sell it when the x86 model comes out...but if I were me I wouldn't buy a PPC Mac then
  14. So I finally put my money aside for a PowerBook 15", well almost Well, I'm currently writing my list of wishes for Santa and I'm between to chairs now. Buy one now/early January with a PPC cpu or wait a little (more) for the first x86 PowerBooks? The reports about Yonah are quite impressive to me so I'd like to buy one of those... What do you think, will Apple release x86 PowerBooks soon? One thing that worries me about a possible delay is that they've just put out the new PowerBooks (with better resolution and stuff). Your opinions are welcome
  15. I'm in almost the same situation, rabinowitz. I've been keeping an eye on the PowerBook 15" since summer or something when suddenly Steve Jobs announced the Intel transition at the WWDC. Being a college student as well I had to put some money aside and my very own finanical transition is almost complete as well (christmas and birthday in january are coming ) What do you think, will there already be new PowerBooks in Feb/Mar 06? I do hope so :/