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  1. cirbic

    Sintonizadora TDT

    Gracias dioni, pero ya probé ese fichero. Lo instalo, reinicio, enchufo el WIFI al conector USB y nada no detecta nada. Supongo que al final tendré que pasar por caja. ¿Habrá modelos compatibles para MAC y Windows? Y en relación a la sintonizadora, ¿habrá también modelos compatibles Win/MAC? Salu2.
  2. cirbic

    Sintonizadora TDT

    Hola a todos, he conseguido instalar Snow Leopard 10.6.3 después de algunos intentos, y creo que lo tengo casi listo. Hay dos cosas que no consigo activar: mi "pincho" Wifi (de la marca TP-LINK modelo TL-WN422G con chipset Atheros 5007EG) y mi sintonizadora TDT USB. Centrándome en esta última os adjunto la información que aparece en Perfil del Sistema: BUS USB de alta velocidad DVB-T 2: ID del producto: 0x9016 ID del fabricante: 0x15a4 (Afa Technologies, Inc.) Versión: 2.00 Número de serie: 010101010600001 Velocidad: Hasta 480 Mb/S Fabricante: Afatech ID de la ubicación: 0xfd700000 Corriente disponible (mA): 500 Corriente necesaria (mA): Desconocido (dispositivo no configurado) En verdad me encuentro bastante perdido. He buscado en varios sitios, pero entre que la marca de mi sintonizadora no es muy conocida (TVISTO) y que no soy muy ducho en esto, me encuentro en un callejón sin salida. Leí en algún foro que cambiando el ID del producto a 0x9015 es probable que funcionara, lo que pasa es que no sé cómo se hace eso y tampoco si así funcionaría. De hecho estoy barajando la posibilidad de comprarme otra sintonizadora USB para MAC, pero al menos me gustaría intentar que esta funcione. Gracias por vuestra colaboración Cirbic.
  3. cirbic

    ATI HD4650

    Hi friends, I´ve installed IATKOS 10.5.5. All is OK, but I dont have full support for my ATI HD4650. I´ve been lookin for a driver to activate quartz effects, but I don´t have luck. Is there any driver for it? Where can I found it? Thanks in advance. Greetings from Spain.
  4. Hi from Spain friends, I´ve a computer with 2 internal HDD. In the main HDD I´ve VISTA, and in the second one I´ve Leopard 10.5.1 (IATKOS). For dual-boot I use EASYBCD and everything is running fine. No problems. Now I´d like to install Leopard on another computer I´ve (Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 150 hdd). But I´d like to install it in an USB HDD. I´ve installed Leopard in that USB HDD (in a similar way I did on my first computer), but when I choose boot from USB, appears blank screen with the cursor but nothing more happens. What I have done wrong?? Is possible to do what I want?? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Hi friends, At the end, I could install Leopard, and now I´ve dual boot: VISTA/LEOPARD (each one in differente harddisks). All is running OK on Leopard, even detected my ATI x1650 XT 256MB PCI-E and all effect (quartz extreme) are actived, but I´ve one question: when I go to DISPLAY PREFERENCES, only appears 1024x768, and I can´t choose any other resolution. What should I do to see others resolutions? When I had Tiger, I used NATIT drivers and got it. Should I use again NATIT drivers? Thank you from Spain
  6. Hi friendsI got two hard drives. The first one (SATA) and master is where Vista is installed. In the other one (IDE, and slave) I had Tiger. I made dualboot with EasyBCD and I didn´t get any problem. All working fine. The problem with me is when I´m trying to install Leopard (Leopard TOH RC2). The fist chance I formatted Tiger and installed Leopard. Applied the patch (Brasil patch) but it didn´t found darwin. 'Googling' I read I had to install leopard over tiger without formatting. OK. Next cha e. I did it. Applied the patch again, but then I get the CHAIN BOOTING ERROR. I´ve googled a bit, but I haven´t found any solution for this. Do you know what I´ve to do? I´ve read something about an EFI patch, but I think I´ve to install Leopard first, so how could I do it? Thanks in advancePD: could I install Tiger, apply efi patch over tiger and then install leopard without patching it?Excuse me. My specs:Gigabyte GA-945GM(F)-DS2Core 2 Duo E64202 Gb RAM Kingston 667MhzATI X1650XT 256MB GDRAM3HD #1 - MASTER - SATA - 320 Gb with Windows VistaHD #2 -SLAVE - IDE - 80 Gb with Tiger (where I want to install Leopard)LAN: Realtek RTL8111B Chip (working fine with Tiger)AUDIO: Realtek ALC888 Codec Chip (working fine with Tiger)
  7. cirbic

    Ati X1650XT

    Hi folks, When I try to install Kalyway 10.4.10, theres two options for my graphic card (ATI X1650 XT): ATI X1x00 Natit x1600 Which one should I choose? I don´t know the difference between them. And another question, Is possible to activate Quartz Extreme with this card? When I installed 10.4.8 was unsopported. Is there any chance? Thanks
  8. Hi friends I´m spaniard (so excuse me if a I make some mistakes writing). I downloaded the ZIP, and extracted it in Tiger ( 10.4.8 ). I got the ISO and I copied it to my VISTA harddrive (I´ve got two drives, one for vista, and another for osx). I move it because my dvd recorder is unsupported in OSX and can´t record anything (I think I´ve to install PatchBurn to active it, but I´ll do it later). I return to Vista and recorded to DVD via Nero. All Ok. I restart, install from DVD and I choose the options I´ve to choose (or I think I´ve to choose). Begins to install and when it gets 100%, after a delay of 1 min after reaching 100% the installer says: THE INSTALLATION FINISHED WITH ERRORS. PLEASE REINSTALL AGAIN. I tried again with the basic files (no more options choosen) and got similar problem. I´ve got a Core 2 Duo E6420 @ 2.13 Ghz, 2Gb RAM and motherboard Gygabite GA-945GM(F)-DS2. I´ve VISTA in one harddrive (SATA) and in the other I had Tiger 10.4.8 (IDE) running perfectly (in this one is where I want to install Leopard). I´ve heard this version of LEOPARD needs HPET. How can I know if my computer has it? I went to BIOS and didn´t see any option about it. ¿It´s that the problem? Can anybody help me? What do I do wrong? I´ve made two copies of the DVD and tried to install from each one. Same problem. Thanks in advanced, and again, excuse me if I´ve made mistakes writing. CIRBIC