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  1. Good news finally about the trackpad. I love how the drag and swipe work now. But I miss the finger taps for clicks. How do I enable them?
  2. thanks dj nitehawk, I'm on 10.5.8 but I will move to Snow kitty once I am done with a project. I'll definitely try your script and will let you know about the results. Apart from that, my USB issue doesn't seem to correct itself even after the DSDT. I'm using chameleon rc2 with pc_efi 10.2. This problem with my USB devices also makes my system hang on each restart and shutdown when the system is unable to detect them. This may be because the system can't shutdown the USB devices. The VoodooHDA and PS2 controllers solved my random panics and THANKS FOR THE VOODOOHDA idea. I somehow stumbled upon the following thread: http://forums.msiwind.net/mac/internal-mic...0c21b15ba851a35 They have linked a newer version of VoodooHDA that gave me Mic and Line in with HiDef stereo sound.
  3. I have the same mobo as you dj nitehawk and this USB issue is driving me crazy. I'm going to try your method out right away. PS: One more thing, may be off the topic, what kext are you using for ALC888 on DG33FB? I seem to have no luck with VoodooHDA or AppleHDA.