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  1. atshoom, Thanks for the insight. In the examples you give, what are the units for processing power? Do you have any suggestions where I might look to find values specific to my Nvidia GPU? dgktkr
  2. I've read through this thread several times and I've read the one that oldnapalm started (AGPM on Fermi laptop), but I'm doubting my understanding of the subject. If someone can help me out, that would be great. In the plist in AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext, there are the values in Heuristic for Threshold_High and Threshold_Low. Presumably those values refer to remaining GPU capacity -- i.e. 100 - (GPU utilization in percent). In the stock AGPM plists from Apple that I've looked at, the high value is larger than the low value for each power state of the GPU. However, some examples shown above in this thread, don't stick to that pattern. And in the stock Apple AGPM plists, there are examples where the power state ranges don't overlap. What seems logical to me is the the high and low thresholds are the limits for each corresponding power state. If the GPU nonactivity value falls outside of the limits of the power state that the GPU is in, the power state is adjusted to the next (or previous) one in the list whose range should include that value. Shouldn't the Threshold_High be greater than the Threshold_Low for each power state? And should there be no gaps in the ranges, e.g. Threshold_Low for power state 1 should be less than or equal to Threshold_High for power state 0 (I wonder what happens when the GPU utilization, which is determined by the graphics activity of the programs being run, is in a gap between threshold ranges. What GPU power state does the system choose in that case?)? dgktkr