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  1. xsader

    GTX 670, no full resolution on chameleon screen

    thx for replies. to Rampage Dev: I know its cosmetic but this is only thing i miss for a full oob hackintosh. to baldy_man: I tried all ports and my screen setup fine. I boot with graphic enabler no. I dont know about skipnvidiagfx boot flag. first time saw it here. But my ML 10.8.3 works @ full resolution but OS selection screen not.
  2. Hi I just build my first hackintosh with asus gtx 670. On OS selection screen, i have my screen as windowed not full resolution. I think my card has 1920x1080 vesa mode but not sure about that. thanks for help.
  3. xsader

    ATI card with 10.7.2

    @MRobbie; your kexts doesnt work for me but maybe problem is bootloader. Which 1 do U use? And my device id (9553) already added to my 4600kext. Thx. Using Dell Studio 1555.
  4. xsader

    ATI card with 10.7.2

    Hello MRobbie Can U share kexts for 10.7.2? And which bootloader ? thx.
  5. xsader

    ATI card with 10.7.2

    use this, work with 10.7.2 ati4570.rar
  6. xsader

    Boot stops @ fakesmc

    Hi, installed lion with this guide on dell studio 1555(core2duo,ati4570,4gb). Updated to 10.7.1 via software update. then downloaded 10.7.2 comboupdate from imzdl. Wİth tonymac s [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] 4, installed latest voodoohda, fakesmc. Used this kext for graphics. I have qe/ci now. ethernet working too with a kext from kexts.com(have broadcom BCM5784M). no bluetooth but dont need it. Now i have 2 problems: 1- After wake up from sleep or screen saver, i have weird colors on screen. 2- Sometimes boot stops @ fakesmc. Thx for help.