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  1. I don't know how i did, but i did=Success i attach my applehda. AppleHDA.kext.zip
  2. Hi, Can someone help me, i begin the patch process, extracted the codec dump, make the verb, but i'm stuck with patch hda process....(Unexpected codec match count: 2 (4 expected) Aborting with AppleHDA NOT patched) I have an idt 92hd81 in yosemite, maybe with my files someone can finish the job? that would be awesome. MY CODEC DUMP ETC.zip
  3. KP after update to 10.8.2

    Okay, it's present and loaded but i will try another version ...
  4. KP after update to 10.8.2

    Ok, so i find wich kext caus ekp, that was iopcifamilly,so i rollback with the one from 10.8.1. Now the start process hang up after waiting dsmos, ntfs drivers version 3.1 After googled it i delete almost all the graphics kext,ati, nvidia and intel, one by one, but no results! Also, in the boot screen it say, mount disk0s2...No Write. I think the disk is in read only mode now...and the repair process by the install disk say me the volume is damaged.. I try a lot of things, so i think i will give it up and return and stay to 10.8.1 Thanks for your help!
  5. KP after update to 10.8.2

    thank you, i will try to use the combo update like you said, about the -f, i already try with no effect.
  6. KP after update to 10.8.2

    Thanks for your answer, i try this but i didn't have this file in my fakesmc...but i try remove fakesmc,just to see if the kp screen change, and nothing change. I'm sorry to can't put the panic screen here, but i'm back to 10,8,1 because i need this laptop to work so i can't make a picture of it now... Yesterday i found someone else who had the same problem but,that was on 10,7,3 to 10,7,4...And the solution was to change one thing in the bios, a cpu setting, but on my laptop the bios doesn't give me access of the cpu settings...
  7. Hi, i have an hp laptop,with core i3, everything was working perfectly on 10.8.1, but after the last update, at the reboot i have a kp screen. It say something about cpu o caller...can't perform kext scan... I tried to start with -v, -x, -s....usekernelcache=no, cpus=1...lot of try... I also try to put back some kext of 10.8.1, appleacpi, apple smc... Of course repair permission lot of time, put back kernel of 10.8.1... Put back nullcpupowermanagement, try to delete my dsdt, put it back, same thing with ssdt and smbios... Always the same KP screen, never change. So now i install again mountain lion but hope to find a solution to make again this update without problem. If you've got an idea that would be nice! Thank you and sorry for my french's english!
  8. hi, can someone look to my ssdt and dsdt,because i have only 2 pstates,8x and 22x. I patched aicpm.kext create my ssdt with revo script,removed nullcpu...everything seems good but not really working, i tried a lot of smbios and no more results... I'm on 10.8.1, on a hp laptop the cpu is a core i3 2330m. Thanks for your help
  9. Can you help me with this sleep problem please, to change the dsdt you made for me? My last problem is now: The card reader (realtek device id 5209) don't find way to use it. The mini pci wifi broadcom...can't find someone who success with this one... Enable the ati graphic card...seems hard but i've got hope...maybe one day
  10. Cool thanks a lot! Edit: i just success to make the sound card to work with a driver voodoohda modded by someone.HAPPY VoodooHDA-2.7.3.pkg.zip
  11. yes with the sleepenabler it sleep but awake immediately 2 times and finish awake..and since i put your dsdt i try to delete sleepenabler but the screen turn black (but all stay awake) and never turn on,i have to reboot. So now all working exept: sleep wifi firewire sound.....FIX sometime some glitch on the screen (a white scare or a line) second grqphics card since i install voodoops2controller (and delete it) i have no keypad and trackpad,i use bluetooth mouse...FIX just to know, which patch did you apply to the dsdt.
  12. do you think my io log is ok since i put your dsdt ?
  13. I try this kext and he's not working for me, again the KP even with busratio=22.... I put back the modded kernel.
  14. Thanks, in fact i think i found a post of you elsewhere so i put the modded kernel who work great when i put busratio=22. About the sleep, i thought it worked, but no...it go in sleep and about 2 or 3 seconds later it's awake alone, like that 2 time before stay awake...so it finally doesn't work yet! Anyway, thanks for your advices! so, i put your dsdt and he boot nice, i give you my ioreg log. About the Ethernet, i found a kext for realtek who make it work.The sleep don't work finally after testing better. For the sound, i retry the voodoo hda and, it work just in theory, in fact the sound is cradle (broken, "crac cric cric ") in both headphone and speaker... The probleme is i can't find the name of the sound chip so i have to try almost everything... Wifi still doen't work and about second graphic card, in the bios i can't disable the first, just change an option to set the card changing to be "smart" or manual (in the os) something like that. Something else, i have some artifact on my screen, sometime a white line or a scare somewhere, no much but some! Escuse my bad english by the way^^. Thank for your help. iolog.zip
  15. thanks a lot, i'll try tomorrow!