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  1. This did the trick,,,, I had black screens with signal and sure enough the screen sharing switch solved it all Now I can write a guide for my mobo install
  2. I am also having some issues with my HS upgrade as well in regards to Nvidia stuff. Hoping folks can shed some light.... My upgrade and such went off without a hitch, I upgraded my file system to APFS. I use iMac 17,1 for my Machine ID as I have a skylake board (Is there something better to use these days?) In El Cap and Sierra all I needed was the web drivers and AGDPFix. I had black screens following this same method and I started to read up here and on Tonymac... After beating my face against the keyboard I kept getting black screen with the various methods. I reverted back to a vanilla environment and simplified my setup.... Lo and behold with a single monitor hooked to my card I made it to a fully accelerated desktop and web drivers were loaded properly.... After a lot of frustration I started ham fisting things just going trial and error. Long story short... Still just a single monitor will work in any of my 5 ports. 2 monitors gives black screens. This is using the AGDPFix and with using Lilu/NvidiaGraphicsFixup in Clover/Kexts/Other. Either of these methods seems to work for my card, the only common thing I found is without NVWebDriverLibValFix in my Clover/Kexts/Other I get no Blackscreen but do get framebuffer errors and no boot. Anyone have an idea how to fixup the dual screen issue? My first guess is my DSDT may need further edits/patching or a possible setting in Clover I am not aware of...
  3. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    I am using the DSDT you enclosed. I had it loading at one point but it stopped. I am checking extensions folder to assure voodoo and others are gone.
  4. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    I think I made a mistake somewhere. I installed the AppleHDA.kext to S/L/E and added the replaced the others in my CLOVER/Kexts folder as you said to do. I can see the hardware in the system profiler, but nothing is in my Audio settings. I am currently repairing permissions again and clearing caches manually. Will see what happens after next reboot. Thanks again for your time and assistance!
  5. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    My USB headset and all other devbices show up and work. However when I use apps like Skype and Discord the Audio through my headset is chirpy and garbled. Here is a fresh copy of my dump using IOReg 2.1, I had to go find the right version... I am poking through some other posts to see if I need to adjust settings in Audio/Midi setup. The other weird thing with USB devices is I still need to hotplug my mouse and sometimes my webcam and other devbices multiple times to get them to show up on a reboot. I will compare your config file to the one i'm using and see if I have made more Mistakes Lordaeron.zip
  6. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    I am not totally sure what the USB headset uses. Its a Razer Krakken 7.1 headset. I am posting my system profile, my DSDT and IORegistry dumps for you to look at if you have time to help. I noticed in the config folders you posted you just have 4 kexts in there. Do you install your Audio kexts and FakeSMC plugins to S/L/E? ANY help is appreciated! I am smart enough to be dangerous but could use a nudge in the right direction.... Dumps!.zip
  7. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    @Andres, Did you have a chance to upload your most current EFI folder and config? I'm up and running but I am hoping to resolve some lingering issues. All my USB devices work but I am having a terrible time with audio from my USB headset.
  8. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    I'm pretty sure you have no place on InsanelyMac.... The majority of people contributing to a lot of the work that happens here are not from Murrica chief. You should check your privilege and show some respect to the community.
  9. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    Inside Andres zip he posted there is a UEFI folder. Once I figured out my own mistakes I used the ACPI and Kext folders located inside plus the config file. Just be sure once you get installed to NOT use his DSDT file and produce your own clean one using F4 prior to booting. One thing I also noticed with the BIOS settings is things did not work 100% until I booted into windows once after making the IOAPIC = Disabled, XHCI Handoff =Enabled and Serial = Disabled. After that I stopped getting hangs on USB during boot. Using his files is fine for the purposes of the install, after the initial install I used the thumb drive as the boot device and selected my fresh installed drive. From there you can do the OSX setup assistant and then install a clean Clover bootloader on your drive and place his config.plist, file and Kext folder. Use your own DSDT file produced and edit as needed. Also be sure to add the Pike AppleAPIC patch to the clover config. https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/appleapic-kext-binary-patch-for-skylake/ Hope that helps!
  10. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    I have things working flawlessly now save for one oddity. My Razer Naga Epic mouse needs to be hotplugged 2-6 times at reboot in order to show up. My Logitech webcam, Steelseries keyboard etc... all work as intended with no issues. I am thinking a power consumption issue maybe? Any thoughts? I am going to poke around and see if I can find similar issues for people... Regular generic mouse works fine. UPDATE: Seems my Logitech Webcam does the same thing and I have to hotplug it to get it to function. It does not always need to be done however. I also have a sleep issue with my Gigabyte Radeon 7950... I am trying to find a UEFI bios that's compatible with my GPU but i'm having little luck. DSDT patching is my weakest suit, any help or advice is appreciated. I can post my ioreg dump and DSDT if needed. Is the GraphicsEnabler = No flag still the go to fix for Radeon's with the sleep issue in El Cap?
  11. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    Thank you, Clearly there was some language barrier here. I suspected it was in the DSDT, I would have not packaged it in the download you provided. I assumed you had put a default in there. Update: OK I feel dumb! I am clearly not paying attention, Andres you of course did an excellent job providing the files we need to do this. I apologize for my brashness and impatience. My video card requires no patches and I kept dropping your ACPI folder in place assuming it was a default DSDT. I am up and running again and I thank you! I took on this project since I have been home sick recovering from Pneumonia.... my overmedicated brain was rushing through steps. Things have certainly evolved since my last hackintosh 4 years ago!
  12. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    I am having a tough time getting the installer to see my sata drives. I got the installer to see them once but not after that. Your zipped folder contains two separate config.plist files with separate info in them. I assume you are using Clover. Could anyone post their clover folder from a working setup? I could use some pointers, I have built about 30-50 hackintoshes in my day but this is my first new machine in a few years. I have used the files Andre has posted but the folders have 2 sets of config files and such. Is Clover the suggested bootloader? My setup and what i've done: GA-Z170X Gaming 7 Mobo 32GB DDR4 3200 Corsair Ram Crucial M550 500GB SSD Gigabyte ATI Radeon 7950 Video card. SuperIO (Serial): Diabled XHCI Handoff: Enabled IOAPIC entries: Disabled running latest Beta bios posted in another forum. UPDATE-1: I think I discovered the solution. I had used the Beta Bios from a Gigabyte forum V. F6k It does not seem to play nice for some reason. I went back to F6f from the actual Gigabyte product page for the Gaming 7. I am now running my clean install again on my SSD. I will update as I go! Update-2: Fully up and running with everything working save for the Audio. I have never been all that handy with codec dumping and fussing with AppleHDA patching. I have read through the post linked by Andres for the Creative CA0132 but I am unclear what I and where I need to place in my system. I notice that the headphone jack is not working, I only use a 2.1 speaker setup with a sub so should I go the voodoo route? Should I be placing the CA0132.kext in my Clover kexts folder or install to S/L/E? Any help with this final piece is appreciated! Excellent work on this! Update-3: One thing I forgot to mention, All my USB devices work on boot save for my Razer Naga mouse... I have to hotplug it 1-3 times before it starts working. This seems odd since the USB3 patches appear to be working for all my other stuff. (Logitech C920 webcam, Steelseries Apex Keyboard and Razer Krakken headset all work fine) Thoughts?