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  1. Hello, Installed OS X 10.10.1 used the custom dsdt and patched the lvds values for the pithecia framebuffer, everything works fine except the VGA, which does not work at all. Had a look at the personalities and saw that pithecia does not support VGA anymore. So my question: Is there any way to get VGA working in Yosemite?
  2. There was no way to disable the intel gpu in the bios? Try googeling, it may have weird names in bios. Once you get it disabled in bios you can use another way to receive the vbios
  3. That DSDT wont work for him. Only identical motherboards can use the same DSDT, he will get a kernel panic. Thats not the vgabios of the AMD gpu, it's the Intels instead, I dont exactly know how to extract the AMD one if you have Intel and AMD, wait for Trucker MK's answer Edit: Try this way: 1) Download GPU-Z, select AMD gpu in the bottom. 2) Then press on the chip button with a green arrow on it
  4. Hmmm, all I have to say is that I've never seen an error of that type before, but I think it is because the version of the kext is different from what you need
  5. @freeuser16 Doubt that the original EDID would look right for him, since we have almost the same exact displays and hardware The only difference being the screens name with minor letter differences