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    Were Back !

    Hi all, BTW, I am a firmware engineer, worked on ARM platforms with Presice MQX RTOS. Never done BIOS or EFI work though. I have a gateway CX2724 (or Model No TA6), it has an intel 945GM chipset which from what I read so far should support EFI. The BIOS (if emulated) seems to be a PhoenixBIOS. Tried to connect to irc.macspeak.net#MacEfi, got "#MacEfi can't join channel (need correct key)". I am a total newb with IRC. I read and read elswhere and am still not sure where to start. Just for fun, I'd really like to fool around with my mobo and make it look like a intel Mac... Could anyone post a rundown of where the community is on this, where to start (tools and brief explanations) and where to exchange? BTW, unless there is a constant vigile of an IRC channel by experts, it would be nice to have forums topics which somewhat documents where things are, my 2 cents... Thanks!
  2. Vecchio

    Intel Wireless driver

    Hi guys, I am a firmware/software engineer (embedded real-time stuff) and I own a gateway CX2724 which harbours the 3945ABG. I would like to help but I'm afraid I only have few knowledge about Mac and a bit more on Linux. I'd like to quickly get set-up and look at the code. A few questions: - What environment are you working in? Is it on the Mac OS x machine? Can we step debug? - Do I need to flash the firmware of the wireless adapter? If I download the latest dmg, will it do that? - Where do most of the exchange happen, here on the forum, at google code, or some IM? - Can I contact any other developper directly? Is it safe to display our e-mails or something here? Thanks!