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  1. I can't believe it.. it works!

    You guys are probably getting sick of my posts.. man have I been through a lot of posts and learning here. I finally got my dual-link display to work. I struggled with a lot of different natit.kext's, turns out natit for dual displays .2 is the one that finally worked. So now I have 2560x1600. I almost can't believe it's working, with quartz even. Thanks to everyone who has helped answer my questions, particularly Diabolik who I got the natit.kext file from that finally worked. My card is a Gigabyte 7600 GS AGP 256MB, so I can confirm that it's one that works, and with dual-link capability for 2560x1600 displays.
  2. Editing Device ID clarification

    Is there a post somewhere with detailed instructions on this? I can't find. I'm struggling to get my Geforce 7600GS 256mb AGP working (device ID 0x02e1). From what I have read, I need to put my Device ID in 3 kext files, which have the following strings below the IOPCIMatch key: geforce.kext <string>0x02e110de&0x0000ffff</string> nvdaresman.kext <string>0x02e110de&0xfff8ffff 0x017010de&0xfff8ffff 0x017910de 0x018010de&0xfff8ffff 0x018810de 0x018910de 0x020010de&0xfff8ffff 0x025010de&0xfff8ffff 0x028010de&0xfff8ffff 0x030010de&0xfff8ffff 0x031010de&0xfff8ffff 0x031910de 0x034910de</string> nvdanv40hal.kext <string>0x02e110de&0xfff0ffff 0x00f010de&0xfff0ffff 0x022010de&0xfff0ffff 0x014010de&0xfff0ffff 0x016010de&0xfff0ffff 0x009010de&0xfff0ffff 0x01d010de&0xfff0ffff 0x039010de&0xfff0ffff 0x029010de&0xfff0ffff</string> natit.kext <string>0x000010de&0x0000ffff 0x00001002&0x0000ffff</string> So my questions are: 1) does natit.kext need to have any modification? My device ID is not in there, and I got these kext's from someone with a working 7600GS AGP. 2) What is the &0x0000ffff for, is that necessary? I tried putting only <string>0x02e110de</string> in all these files but then OSX wouldn't boot at all. 3) My last question reguarding this, if I edit the strings in -s mode with nano, is setting permissions and repairing permissions still necessary? It's a lot easier for me to work in -s mode rather than booting up to the GUI. When I type "diskutil repairpermissions /" in -s mode, it seems nothing happens it just sits there forever.
  3. 7600 GS AGP doesn't work please help

    I don't remember seeing any option like that. I'm not trying to use 2 displays, rather 1 dual-link display. I think the issue is my resolutions are backwards, it says 800x1280 which is what the display looks like (narrow), and only 1 other resolution option which is 1600x2560 which is invalid and makes my screen go haywire. I need to select 2560x1600 but it's not available. Maybe dual-link is not working properly and it only sees one half of the output? Maybe I need to edit my kexts more with my Dev ID? I don't see specific instructions anywhere here how to do that properly, even though everyone says it's all over the forums. If it is I sure can't find it. NVDARESMAN.kext has a really long line of device ID's, and I only changed the first one, do I need to change them all?
  4. 7600 GS AGP doesn't work please help

    I'm not a happy camper, this is my third video card I've tried with no luck. But I actually got something on the screen this time. Gigabyte 7600GS 256MB AGP, using true DVI out to dual-link LCD monitor (Dell 2007wfp) Clean install of Jas 10.4.8, without titan checked Installed natit universal installer, and was able to get something on the screen for the first time, but my mouse cursor doesn't show and the graphics are messed up. I then edited geforce.kext, nvdaresman.kext, and nvdanv40hal.kext with my device ID (02e1) still no luck. I set the appropriate permissions in instructions and repaired permissions. I then tried adding AGPGART.kext but then I just got a blank screen. I'm really frustrated at this point, don't know what else to try. The best result I've gotten is a narrow screen, like a perpendicular letterbox with half the screen black, but I can't see my mouse cursor but I can use the mouse. Maybe the resolution settings are backwards for some reason and this is causing a problem? when I go to display settings, my options are 800x1280 or 1600x2560. This should read 1280x800 or 2560x1600, unless mac is just backwards. It does detect my display as Dell 3007WFP so I guess that's something. If I select 1600x2560 the screen goes haywire. Any ideas to try would be helpful. I scavenged over the "post your instructions" thread with not much success.
  5. Ok I've wasted an enormous amount of time and energy on these forums and working on my installation, with no progress or success. I started with my original ATI radeon 1600X pro AGP, which works fine in windows but seems to be impossible to get true DVI out in OSX. So I was told I should get a Nvidia 6 or 7 series which I did, a PNY Geforce 7600GS AGP 512mb, but it seems there is a problem with 512mb ram so I can't get that to work either even after hacking the ROM. I couldn't care less about the graphics card speed, I just want it to work decent with my display, which is a 2560x1600 dell 3007WFP. This monitor ONLY accepts dual-link DVI. Is anyone using dual-link DVI successfully, and if so what exact video card do you have? Unfortunately I'm stuck with AGP I can't afford to redo my whole system right now with a new motherboard that has PCIe. Isn't there some card that will work for me? And what do I have to do to get it to work, use natit, titan, do I have to edit the kexts and do something with my EDID, it's all very unclear to me. I'm really sick of scavanging through posts and wasting endless hours getting nowhere. Someone help me out please...
  6. Yes DiaboliK's installer is one of the things that I've tried, but true DVI output does not work. It doesn't appear there is any solution at this point.
  7. I already spent well over $50 of my time trying to get this to work with no success. I've read so many post and gotten nowhere. Surely if this can be made to work someone can guide me through how that takes less than $20 of their time. Here is my setup: Sapphire Radeon X1600 pro AGP 256MB Jah OSX 10.4.8 PPF1 Dell 3007WFP (DVI dual-link input only) Currently I have OSX installed successfully without any of the optional graphics drivers, generic 1024x768 VGA. If I install these I get a blank screen because the DVI port doesn't work. It's important to note my monitor ONLY works with DVI, and I need dual-link for 2560x1600 (just like apple's 30"). If you think you can help please contact me at jamesdstark@hotmail.com and I will gladly pay you $20 if you can get this to work.
  8. Need DVI video card

    so will that give me true DVI output with little fuss? Problem is I get lost with all the kext's and trying to edit the EDID (which I have never been able to do). If I install OSX 10.4.8 PPF1 will the card work giving me DVI output? Or do I have to modify the EDID to tell it what kind of monitor is hooked up?
  9. I have x1600 pro AGP, the driver works but no DVI output. How do I put a EDID into info.plist?
  10. I've spent a rediculous amount of time trying to get my current video card, a radeon X1600 pro AGP, to work under OSX with DVI. I always have the problem of the DVI out port not functioning, it's my only display and my monitor only accepts DVI input. I need a video card that works with DVI functionality, any recommendations?
  11. When I run my titanium off battery power, it always sleeps in about two minutes. I changed my powersave settings to never sleep on battery, but it still happens. When it goes into sleep, it won't wake until I plug the power cable in. The battery has a good charge, says 3 hours remaining. When I turn the computer back on it goes right back to where I was, I'm not completely loosing power. I'm relatively new to macs maybe I'm missing something obvious here? Is the battery bad?
  12. DVI, how to get it working with EDIDs?

    I think I need the same help. I installed Natit but my screen goes blank after it says its loading the login screen. I have a feeling it's using the VGA port and not the DVI. My monitor only has DVI in so I can't test. I'm using a X1600 pro AGP. I'd appreciate any pointers to get the DVI to work, I'd really like to switch to OSX.