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  1. Hi guys, ive a question. Ive an Hackintosh and it works pretty well, Thats not the thing because i start posting. My problem is that "usbmuxd" tries to contact the whole time to "www.insanelymac.com". Why is that so? I don't like spyware on my pc or what is that? Ive searched on google and someone else has had the same problem. Ive added an screenshot in the attachments. Thanks for your reply, Greets
  2. Hi guys, ive 2 problems. Ive installed Snow Leopard and it works, but if i click on "about mac" it shows me that ive an 800 megaherz processor but thats not true. And when i use my mouse it laags every few seconds for a quick moment. My second problem is that the resolution is not right. I've an 24 inch monitor and if i start my pc it shows me the screen but not in full size. It is shown in a smaller square. After installing drivers for my graphic card on windows it shows the screen in fullscreen but not by starting the computer or using mac os. Can help me someone please and sorry for my bad english. My System specification: CPU: Intel i5 2500k @4x3,3Ghz RAM: 8GB Graphic: Asus Gefore 8400GS Greets