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  1. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    Hi Pein. After installing a kext I can't remember I started to have the PCI Configuration Begins issue. And for the bcd restore, I can't repair the windows Installation with recovery disk or bootrec /fixmbr /fixboot /rebuildbcd... The only thing I can do is to ommit the "Install Kakewalk to Computer" step and I think it has to do with boot errors. Is easybcd a good option to restore my dualboot?. (Already don't know the program :S). Anyway can't wait for your final update to make this {censored} stable :angry2:. Thanks a lot for your effort man
  2. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    A little feedback: After installing Lion, chameleon, kakewalk on OSx partition and all the kexts I can't boot to win7 (I have to restore a backup image ) . Any ideas? I think the Step 7, part 2: "2- Boot again from your usb and install Kakewalk to Computer. use the first motherboard that appears." is what is messing up everything :\
  3. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    Nice tutorial. Used it with my G51jx-A1 lappy. I succeded with installation but with my model I think I need aditional kexts because when Lion boots it keeps searching for a keyboard. ¿Ps2 interface?. So sad I didn't have an usb keyboard at hand.. I will try when I get one. I got surprised when it booted at 1080p oob without aditional kexts or injectors