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  1. I followed the instruction and it worked very good. Problem I have is don't know how to get it give an option to boot either Win 7 or Mac. If I have installation DVD in the a drive I can get it boot to Mac. If I boot without DVD it went straight to Win7. How can I change to it give an option to select the OS. thanks
  2. I'm very appreciated this thread. I save me a lot of time and money. I almost give up and plan to buy a new computer but this thread is helping to utilized the laptop that I have. I'm very happy with it right now. Only problem I have is to get the second monitor to work. By running window XP on this machine I able to get dual monitors to work but somehow unable to configure in Mac to get dual monitor to work. The video I have is Quadro 1600m. I don't know has anyone tried this or not. I also have problem like shutting down and Intel wireless to work. Has anyone has any update on this. thanks Alan