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  1. I have some Question to all friend here!!!! This is my spec: AMD Sempron 3000+ Asus K8N Kingston 1G Ram Seagate 80G IDE Asus Geforce FX5200 I have been install mac os x 10.4.8 kernel 8.8.1 Semthex, then for the selection, I choose normaly Titan driver included and ok it's working for change screen but not support Qe/Ci so what have a problem with this. How can i solve this problem? The same Fx5200 with intel chipset and p4, I try the same way supported. No need to do anything. But for AMD not working, Can anyone help? thank you so much for your helping
  2. nylock10!!!!!! Hello! How are you? yes!! I have the same version like you. So now i can solve that problem but can't accelerate for playing movie faster that this time. How can i accelerate vga card for movie better? Thank you for your help
  3. My Spec: CPU: AMD Sempron 64bit 3000+ (1.8Ghz) M/B : Asus K8N RAM: Kingston 512*2 HDD: 80G(IDE,master), 200G(SATA,slave) VGA: Asus GeForce FX5200 Everyone, I want to know step by step with how to install driver of FX5200. How can i find the driver for the good one? (Titan, Natit) I am trying to do like this : http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=36480 : nylock10. but appear like this: did you see in the picture that someone showed Core Image = Supported >>>for me not supported Quarty Extreme = Supported >>>for me not supported So please tell me the destination of a good FX5200 driver, and step by step of configuration. Thank you so much for your supported. I am trying to play VCL media player to play .mkv of HD DVD Movie but it's doesn't work, error and appear Close, Report, Reopen. So i think, may be coz of my driver sure. thx you for helping me. Snapshot_2007_02_22_02_44_28.tiff Snapshot_2007_02_22_02_49_52.tiff